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Looking Good With A Fashion Brand PR Agency

Even those of us who wouldn’t say we were ostensibly ‘fashionable’ or concerned with style and fashion; would concede that wearing a nice piece of clothing makes you feel good. The only other instance that I can think of that gives you the same sort of self-confidence that a new clothes does; is a fresh haircut. Putting on that new coat, upturning those cuffs and adjusting the brim of that slick hat give you that something in your step that just adds something to everything you exude. You radiate swagger.

For that reason, the world of fashion is an attractive market to place yourself within as a brand. There’s always demand for clothes! Ensuring longevity within that industry is another thing, altogether. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading Essex fashion brand PR agency, knows a thing or two about how to last it out in the fashion industry. They’ve put down their thoughts on how you should be incorporating PR and social media into your business strategy going forward.

You Need More Than Your Own Word

Even if your clothing line is objectively brilliant; people are going to be hesitant to commit and get on board unless they see others interested too. This instantly gives your brand more validity. The easiest way of getting this kind of industry backing is by having your brand appearing in magazines, newspapers and online articles. Securing editorials from leading fashion journalists will have people turning heads where previously they wouldn’t have batted an eyelid; not because your clothing isn’t good, but simply because there are so many new clothing brands popping up at any one time. As a result, people won’t stop and take stock unless there’s reason to.

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Can PR really get me into top magazines? Yes, yes and yes again. To help you better understand how it’s really possible; let us run through the process by which a fashion brand PR agency operates. A PR team has access to countless hundreds of publications and journalists. With this information at their disposal they will ‘pitch’ article ideas to these journalists on behalf of your fashion brand. Whether your PR team takes a quantity or quality approach when it comes to securing leads is entirely down to that agency’s business preferences. Personally, we think it’s better to invest time in securing high-quality leads that will lead to success in the future.

Social Media & Fashion Are Natural Bedfellows

Social media and fashion are perfect partners in crime. They both rely intrinsically on trends; they both hinge on the people and their opinions and they both change at an incredibly quick rate of knots. Bearing this in mind, it makes sense that you should incorporate social media marketing as part of your brand’s plan of attack. Social media falls under the umbrella of a fashion brand PR agency’s remit because of that fundamental link to people, interactions and connectedness. Because of that, most PR agencies will have a specialist social media department. The job of this team is to hook in influencers and social media personalities to collaborate with your fashion brand.

What Sets Your Brand Apart?

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Gone are the days where it was better to play it safe in the fashion world. In today’s world, if you go big and bold, you win big and bold as well. The current climate craves expression and bold, powerful statements; whether that be in your clothes themselves, what they stand for or how they were made. Fast fashion is taking back seat role as ethical fashion takes root, with the sustainability of where the materials used in clothing’s production taking centre stage. Basically, social expression is as fashionable now as the items of clothing themselves.

Of course, it helps if it still looks good but what it represents is now arguably more important. If you can think of something that’s unique to your brand; then latch onto it and use it to your advantage. The PR team at your disposal will love the fact you’ve got something concrete and package-able for them to pitch out to journalists.

Here’s A Curveball – Are You Confident?

If you haven’t got that borderline arrogance in your ability as a fashion brand, then you’ll get nowhere. If you can’t convey confidence in all that you do, how can you expect people to get on board. After all, they’re looking to buy clothes to feel more confident about themselves and to feel good; if your company doesn’t exude confidence in all that it does, then you need to start faking it until you make it.

Back your brand, believe that it will succeed and, as cringe-worthy a sentiment that may be, the chances are you’ll be much more likely to succeed! Because the thing is, those other fashion brands that you’re looking up to with wonder in your eyes like some star struck child? They started somewhere too, and they had doubts too, but they made it all the same. The reason? They told themselves, and kept telling themselves, that they deserved a place at that industry table. With that said, there are people you can surround your brand with who will back you tooth and nail; and a fashion brand PR agency is one such group of dedicated people.

A saturated industry calls for smarter thinking. One of the smartest decisions your fashion brand is to choose to use PR, it’s right there for you to use and you should be using it. We hope you’ve read this and now have a renewed impetus to get your fashion brand going. So, if you’d like to find out more about our fashion brand PR agency, then get in touch today! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850 for a non-obligation chat. We’d love to look through your clothing portfolio and work out how to propel you onwards and upwards as a brand.