Fashion marketing agency twinned with PR

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Fashion marketing agency twinned with PR

Fashion marketing is diverse and varied; dependent upon the product or service being promoted. There are so many avenues to go down and platforms to use that it can be confusing where to start! When you call us, our first question will be ;what have you done so far?’ We will take a holistic view of what you have done so far, and establish what did and didn’t work. Most importantly, why?

Our fashion marketing agency have compiled a range of ideas to kick start your marketing plan today.

Social media –For a fashion brand, social media is going to be a key aspect of your marketing strategy. As a result, it stands to reason that good imagery and video is essential. Therefore, Instagram and (depending on your market) Facebook or TikTok are all fantastic platforms to promote your brand. By gaining a good following on each of these platforms you will become a trusted supplier and it will dramatically increase your brand awareness.

Photography – As mentioned previously, your imagery is essential when running a fashion marketing campaign. You will need to have quality photos, plenty of options to choose from of many angles and products, and perhaps a video of the item to see the flow and fit. By consistently using quality images, you are more likely to have great reviews and returning customers as they will be receiving exactly what they have seen.

Blog – Blogging has become a necessity and can be the perfect platform to add character and personality to your products. You can use it to offer fashion advice, promote new products, talk about trends, or simply to engage with people. Posting regularly and including keywords will importantly help to build your SEO and visibility online.

Collaborate with Influencers – Bloggers have become today’s celebrities. Many look up to influencers and aspire to be just like them. By using people that already wear similar items or accessories that are similar to yours, and importantly who have a great engagement rate, you can reach out to a much larger audience a lot faster. If you create good relationships you can approach them to be your brand ambassadors. This is something that a lot of fashion brands work on doing for their products.

PR – Our team specialise in getting you and your brand into the press. We have worked with jewellery brands, shoes, and clothing; each one boasting amazing results in national magazines, newspapers, and on TV! As if that wasn’t tempting enough, we guarantee our PR results, that’s how confident we are in the skills of our team.

We can implement your marketing strategy and have complete control over your platforms, or if you wish we can simply assist with the ideas and concepts.

Many industries in the UK are seasonal in nature. For example, ice cream vans only run in the summer. However, on the flip side, fashion marketing is effective throughout the year. 

Winter’s effect.

Although fashion brands will sell stock year-round. It cannot be argued that throughout winter they will see a reduction in visitors. Precautions and measures must be taken to ensure your brand remains profitable when the seasons change, or your business may suffer. The knock on effect of Christmas is well noted, and unless you stock seasonal clothing, you may find it hard to put forward marketing campaigns that will uplift your sales.

Fashion marketing agency strategies are the way forward.

Fashion marketing - leather jacket close up

aWhen your store or online shop receives less business in winter; it of course means that more concepts need to be implemented for promotion to entice customers in.

This being said, this can have a considerable drain on resources and costs if it’s not handled correctly. An alternative method that would prove beneficial and also ease financial strain would be to use an agency like us.

VerriBerri’s Fashion marketing agency experience.

We have plenty of experience working with boutiques and clothing brands alike. As such, we fully understand the pressure you face when business slows. There are a host of things we can do to assist your brand. Here are just a few small ideas that would be helpful, (we don’t give all our secrets away on a blog).

Online aspect. – As referred to before, enhancing your website and social media, or perhaps offering an online marketplace would ensure that your products can be bought in the comfort of your customers’ homes.
Keep the public informed. – If your brand fails to maintain a presence, then the people will not buy from you. Our fashion marketing agency can keep the public in the know through social media and online updates.

Up the ante. – At VerriBerri we believe in strategic marketing where, if things aren’t going too well, then go against the tide to offer the public something different. Our team will generate leads through, for example, pop-up shops and online PR support that will drive customers to your brand, even in the winter weather.

Like most businesses, around winter business usually slows. However, if you get in touch with our fashion marketing agency today, we can guarantee that your brand thrives throughout the winter months!