Fashion Marketing Agency: Cutting Through the Trends.

Fashion Marketing Agency: Cutting Through the Trends.

Fashion Marketing Agency: Cutting Through the Trends.

The world of fashion can be cut-throat. One season’s treasure can be another’s trash. To stay on top of the game and rise above trends takes consistent marketing. Fashion has fads, and so does digital marketing. At our fashion marketing agency, our job is to make sure we know what’s going on in the marketing and fashion industry so that we can further your business, whatever the latest trend may be.

Instagram is fashion. Fashion is Instagram.

Celebrities are regarded as the gatekeepers of what is ‘trendy’. Long before social media, the world’s famous (and infamous) have been snapped by the paparazzi. However, now that we do have various social media platforms in our lives. Their importance in influencing today’s fashion and trends cannot be overstated. Stars such as Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Star (now up to 151 million and 15.1 million followers on the app.) Have used Instagram to launch, promote, and maintain their various beauty product lines.

These kinds of stars utilise beauty marketing and beauty PR to the fullest. They’ve used social media, in this case Instagram, to push their products. Not only that but they’ve shaped the market and trends themselves through their huge global following. Another facet of Instagram that’s very useful for fashion marketing is the scope for easy collaborations. What could be more appealing to consumers than one of their favourite brands launching a new product? Why, two of your favourite brands collaborating, of course! Whether you like it or not, the trends that we see dominating the high street are now very much dictated by online influence. By staying on top of the trends of Instagram, you’ll be able to keep pace with the industry, at the very least, and maybe even set the trends yourself.

Why fashion public relations are so important.

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Ultimately, fashion is subjective. Apart from a select few timeless classics (think Coco Chanel’s Little Black Dress.) The balance between what’s deemed fashionable and what isn’t tips one way or the other. Often, the weighting of that subjective see-saw is determined by the marketing your brand/clothing line makes use of. For example, if you have two similar companies both releasing similar items of clothing at the same time, then fashion PR can be the thing that tips that metaphorical see-saw to your benefit. It’s not just the quality of your fashion PR management that matters, it’s also the consistency. A well managed campaign trumps one spectacular piece of publicity. It is better to be simmering away than to be a flash in the pan.

The marketing tools that make the biggest impact seem fairly obvious and yet they aren’t capitalised on enough. Social media, the running of events such as fashion shows, quickly replying to media enquiries and sending out samples to influencers. These are all components that need to be packaged into a well-curated campaign. That’s where a fashion marketing agency can come in handy. Having a team on-board to produce and manage a neatly-packaged campaign can make all the difference in being a lasting force in the fashion industry, rather than just the ‘fidget spinner’ of fashion…

professionalism is key.

The fashion industry is saturated. Fast-fashion brands are emulating the top designers to an increasingly high standard. Meanwhile, designers are trying to become more accessible. The middle ground is where most brands are operating. It’s also the area being squeezed the most. As we approach a new decade, Fashion PR companies are undoubtedly one of your best bets in getting your foot through the door, and more importantly, keeping it there.

Fashion Marketing Agency: Cutting Through the Trends.

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