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UK Fashion PR Agency

As time goes on, the importance of a fashion PR agency continues to grow. To say the market is competitive would be an understatement and navigating this is going to be difficult. You may have found your place within the market, but your next steps need to be focussed around getting your name out there. As PR professionals, we can help you! 

To start by way of introduction, VerriBerri is an elite marketing and PR agency. Day to day, we put our heart and soul into delivering effective strategies to our diverse portfolio of clients. Our work is centred around strengthening brand images and building meaningful, long-term relationships. In addition, we help businesses to mitigate risk in order to limit crisis opportunities.

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is easily one of the biggest developments in recent PR history. This trend has proven to be extremely lucrative for a plethora of different businesses worldwide. As a brand in the fashion industry, influencer marketing is about to become the most critical part of your entire communications strategy. 

When utilising influencer marketing, however, it’s important that you go the extra mile. Content creators typically receive lots of different products and it’s all about making yours stand out. With this in mind, you need to focus on going that step further and making a real impact. 

As a fashion PR agency, it is our job to manage your influencer marketing campaign in its entirety. This means assisting you in creating and distributing PR packages that pack a punch. In addition, we can help you identify gifting opportunities in the first instance, helping you gain the exposure your brand deserves. 


From the newest PR development to one of the most traditional – lets discuss press. 

There is no denying that making appearances in popular magazines or newspapers will be plentiful for your brand. What does need to be carefully considered, however, is what kinds of publications you are appearing in. This will have a huge baring on the strength of your strategy. 

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As a fashion brand, you are most likely going to find the most value in an amalgamation of both industry and mainstream press. Of course, however, it goes without saying that PR and marketing is all subjective. This makes it tricky for us to definitively pinpoint exactly what is best for your brand without further detail. When you work with VerriBerri, we will dedicate the necessary time to get to know your brand and its core values. From here, we can then get to work identifying potential opportunities and creating the relevant materials to support these. 

Product Placement 

Product placement is an element of public relations that many people tend to forget about. This involves sending your product to journalists who many then review this at a later date. There is an element of risk involved with this technique; however, as there is no guarantee these individuals will ever share your product with the world. Despite this, if this risk does pay off, product placement can be extremely lucrative. 

At our fashion PR agency, we have worked alongside journalists and influencers for years. This means that we have built solid networks within the industry, giving us access to unique and exclusive opportunities. When you work with VerriBerri, you benefit from our long list of connections and outstanding reputation. 


Events are huge within the clothing industry and something that many fashion brands have struggled without during the pandemic. Now restrictions are beginning to ease, however, you may be keen to get back to planning your next big celebration. Having said this, finding the time to actually organise an event is no picnic in the park. 

This is where we come in! Whether you are celebrating a new launch, or planning a fashion show, you need to make sure the right people are there to see it. Influencers, press, industry professionals, you name it, we have the contacts! What’s more, we will help you to secure the perfect venue, setting the foundations for a night to remember! 

Strengthening Your SEO 

The benefits of PR actually go much further beyond improved visibility and brand image. In fact, your communications efforts can also help bolster other areas of your strategy, specifically SEO. 

When featuring within digital publications, these generate what SEO experts call ‘back links.’ These are links that go from one site to another, hence the name. The more credible the source is that shares said link, the better this reflects on your fashion brand. The more of these generated, the better your SEO value. This will mean a higher ranking under certain key search engine results, boosting your discoverability. What more could you want?! 

Guaranteed Results 

Through the years, we have aided over a hundred different businesses around the world with their PR. Many of which have come to us having had a poor experience with a fashion PR agency in the past. At VerriBerri, our guarantee is what sets us apart from the rest, giving you better protection for your investment. 

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One of our core values is transparency. When it comes to laying out our proposal, we won’t guarantee unrealistic results. Of course, we will always go the extra mile to achieve great outcomes, but we won’t lure you in with empty promises. What’s more, should a press lead be dropped, we promise to replace this opportunity with an even better one! When you work alongside us, we are dedicated to providing a strong, long-term strategy. 

Interested In Working with Our Fashion PR Agency? 

Marketing and PR doesn’t need to be complicated. By joining forces with our integrated firm, we can ensure the entire process is stress-free, keeping everything under one roof. Below is a list of our core services to give you a better insight into how we can help: 

  1. Public Relations 
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC) 
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Event Management 

If you would like to know more about working with VerriBerri, get in touch today by clicking here!