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Fashion PR Agency

Our fashion PR agency, VerriBerri, have been working alongside companies within the clothing industry for over a decade; helping them with all their PR needs and gaining them the exposure they deserve. Not only have we been successful in boosting the recognition of companies, but we have also helped them to the forefront of their industry. This combined effort has been monumental in the success of many of our clients. 

What is PR?

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Of course, this blog post is going to be useless to you if you don’t understand what public relations really is. A common misconception made by lots of people that seek our help is that PR simply involves an article in a newspaper.In reality, PR is much more than that. Public relations are a way for you to bridge the gap between you and the general public. Whilst you can do this through magazine articles, you should also consider your other options such as utilising influencers, bloggers, and podcasts too. 

Why You Need PR

So why do you need PR? The simple answer is – fast fashion. With consumers becoming more and more environmentally conscious and companies being slaughtered in the press for fast fashion; there is the potential for this to leave your reputation in tatters. Fast fashion refers to companies who stick to fashion trends. They may produce cheaper clothing specific to what is popular. Their consumers then buy this and get rid of it when it’s no longer trendy. The likes of BooHoo and PrettyLittleThing are fast fashion retailers. Whilst they may still be successful in making copious amounts of sales, this won’t last forever. Our fashion PR agency can help to make some noise in the press about the changes you may be implementing. 

In case this wasn’t enough to sway your decision, you also need to consider the fact that you’re in a heavily saturated market. With new fashion brands popping up everywhere, you need to ensure that your name stays fresh in people’s minds. PR is a great way to persuade people to visit your website. If they’re then happy with their experience, they’re likely to become loyal customers. This can only mean positive things for your brand. 

Types of PR

As I mentioned previously, there are lots of avenues you can go down when it comes to public relations. Our fashion PR agency are specialists in this area meaning we can advise where your time is best spent in order to get an amazing ROI. 

Influencers and Bloggers

With the digital world constantly evolving and growing, you’d be holding yourself back if you didn’t at least consider utilising the audiences of influencers and bloggers. With another national lockdown beginning, people will continue to rack up their screen time. This means it’ll be hard to avoid the power that influencers and bloggers have on social media. Marketing your product in this way is extremely powerful. Everyone has seen the power that celebrity endorsements have, and this type of PR works in the same way. These influencers are looked up to by their followers meaning whatever brands they’re seen to be using is going to appeal to their entire audience. This is bound to boost your sales.

Digital and Physical Print

As we mentioned previously, being featured in a newspaper or magazine can be great in terms of telling your audience about the changes you may be making to become more sustainable. Having been in the fashion PR industry for so long, we have been able to construct strong relationships with both national and international contacts. This has meant we regularly secure publications in the likes of Cosmopolitan magazine and The Guardian for our clients. 

Where people sometimes run into problems is when they only aim their PR at industry specific media. Whilst this may be suitable for some companies; for lots of brands, their target audience is the main goal. Everyone wears clothing however, not everyone reads fashion magazines. Therefore, to get the best outcome, you should also consider pitching to mainstream press. 

In case you’re not completely convinced that this form of PR is still popular, it’s reported that in 2019, 89% of individuals downloaded a newspaper or magazine within the UK. 


Podcasts are everywhere. With them being so easily accessible, they’re wildly popular amongst people that commute to work every day as well as an abundance of other scenarios. What’s more, their listeners are usually very loyal. Being featured within popular podcasts can be great in terms of exposure for your brand. When done properly, you’ll be able to reach an entirely different audience whilst boosting your sales drastically.  

Crisis Management

As I’m sure you’ve seen for yourselves, the press can be brutal. They have the power to make or break an entire brand and unfortunately, nobody is immune. You can however plan for the future. By bringing onboard a fashion PR agency like ourselves, we can ensure any crisis’s stay out of the news. What’s more, we can manage the impact of them if a crisis has already happened.

Our PR Guarantee

Fashion PR Agency

Having been a fashion PR agency for almost 12 years, we have had to tackle a range of problems along the way. With PR sometimes being unpredictable, lots of our clients have been apprehensive to spend money on this form of marketing having had bad past experiences. This is why we introduced our PR guarantee. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and therefore, it just doesn’t feel right to not deliver what we promise. With our PR guarantee in place, this means you can be rest assured and confident that we will produce what we say we will. 

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If you’re passionate about the success of your business, we are too! Struggling for time? You may want to consider outsourcing this work to a fashion PR agency. We know exactly what works and how to get the best results for your brand. For more information on how we can help, get in touch by clicking here!