Finding the Perfect Target Audience

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Finding the Perfect Target Audience

At VerriBerri, we know that finding the perfect target audience isn’t always as easy as it looks. Despite this, we also understand just how vital this is if you want your business to stay afloat. Unfortunately, if you’re not paying close attention to your consumers, you’re never going to operate at your fullest capacity; naturally, this means you’ll never be able to earn what you truly can either. 

With over 12 years of hands-on experience helping organisations to develop and implement their marketing strategies, we know a thing or two about people. So, if you’re after a helping hand, we’re the team for you!

Why is finding the perfect target audience important?

Understanding your key customer segment is one of the first steps every business needs to take when putting together a comprehensive marketing strategy. At the end of the day, your efforts need to be aimed at somebody, especially if you want to receive the ROI you deserve. Not only will a defined target audience help give you a boost when it comes to sales, but it will also aid you in encouraging brand loyalty and retention too. Overall, this will provide better security for your business’s future.

Types of market segmentation

We’ve all heard of market segmentation, but how many of you actively implement this process day-to-day? For those of you who don’t, you need to.

There are lots of different ways to segment your market. These include:

  • Demographic segmentation: This is when you group individuals based on their age, gender, education level, occupation, income, or social class.
  • Geographic segmentation: When you divide your audience geographically, individuals are split into categories depending on where they live. 
  • Psychographic segmentation: This is a way of segmenting people based on their values, beliefs, personalities, interests, opinions, and attitudes.
  • Behavioural segmentation: This takes into consideration concepts such as brand loyalty and rate of usage. 

How to establish your target audience 

When finding the perfect target audience, there are lots of different things you need to be considering; your competition being one. Look at who they are aiming their marketing at. Is it working for them? You might find that targeting a slightly different niche audience might be better for your business ROI. 

Additionally, you also need to look at your goods/services and who this best aligns with. Think about the benefits of purchasing from you. Then consider the types of people who have a need that you can fulfil. Target these people! Addressing pain points can be incredibly effective when done correctly.   

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Last but by no means least, you also need to look at your current consumers. Think about why they buy from you as opposed to others in your market. Is there a correlation in their characteristics? What are they interested in? Decipher which people bring in the most business and make sure you spend time nurturing these individuals. Chances are, you’re going to see the best ROI from targeting these groups. 

Our services

At VerriBerri, we offer a range of services to help get businesses performing at their best. Think of us as your one stop shop for everything marketing, PR, or design related. We can help you with:

  • Social media marketing: We’ll create and distribute content on your behalf, engage with your audience and build your following.
  • Public relations: Our team are well connected with individuals in the journalism industry. We’ll work hard to get you featured in relevant publications, boosting your exposure.
  • Influencer and affiliate marketingShould you need us to, we can assist with managing your influencer campaigns and setting up affiliate linking, making sure you’re targeting the right content creators along the way.
  • Crisis management: Should you find yourselves in hot water, our crisis management team can help you to manage the fallout.
  • Search engine marketing: Our team are fully trained in the implementation and management of both search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC.)
  • Design: Whether you’re after a complete branding revamp, a website refresh, or a redesign of your business cards, we can help! 
  • Event managementFrom pinning down the perfect venue to securing an elite guest list, we can help you plan every detail for your upcoming event.

Why you need an integrated marketing agency

Now you have dedicated time to finding the perfect target audience, you may be looking to bring onboard a marketing agency to help you execute your strategy. If this is the case, you’re probably wondering about the pros and cons of using an integrated firm over individual specialists. Really, neither option is the right option. However, you’ll likely find outsourcing to a full-service provider far more cost effective.

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Each element of marketing intertwines itself in one way or another. For example, in order for you to make the most out of SEO, your website copy needs to be up to scratch. Similarly, to carry out influencer marketing, you need to have access to social platforms. With this in mind, choosing an integrated agency can often make creating well-rounded campaigns far easier.

In addition, when you run your own business, keeping up several lines of communication can be stressful. When you choose to work with VerriBerri, our entire team works under the same roof. What’s more, we’ll also supply you with a project manager, making the process of conversing far more streamlined.

Get in touch

Need help with finding the perfect target audience? Not sure where to start with your marketing strategy? Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered! 

2021 was a tough year for every business. No organisation was left unscathed and for some, their fate is still hanging in the balance. At VerriBerri, we’re passionate about helping brands get back on their feet by helping them find their voice. If this sounds like what you need, get in touch!

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