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Fintech Content Marketing Agency: How We Add Value

No matter what area of the financial sector you’re a part of, there’s no escaping how affluent the industry is. Of course, where there is money, there are also an abundance of companies waiting to capitalise on it. The fintech industry specifically is one that continues to grow bigger and better as technology advances. With there being so much scope, it’s no wonder it’s become a crowded market. 

Although many companies may need your services, the majority lack understanding when it comes to what you actually do. They come to you with a problem and know they’ll leave with a solution. With this in mind, it’s important you’re able to deliver information in layman’s terms to ensure easy digestion. In order to do this, you need a team behind you with understanding in this specialist area. With first-hand experience working with previous fintech clients and a wealth of knowledge in marketing, we really are the perfect match. If you’re looking for a fintech content marketing agency, look no further than VerriBerri.

What Content Marketing Actually Is

Content marketing is a technique that heavily relies upon digitalisation. Essentially, it’s a way of marketing your brand through online material such as videos or social media posts. Content is written in a manner that catches the attention of the audience. Once done, it should then inform them of your expertise, helping to establish yourselves as the best in the business. In doing so, you’re guaranteed to climb to the forefront of your sector. You’ll also build awareness for your firm along the way. When it comes to the fintech industry specifically, content marketing is used to educate your prospects. In simple terms, it’s all about making the information more palatable for your customers.

Optimising Your Website

As a business, Google are always looking for new ways to improve their user experience. Of course, a big part of this includes serving their consumers with only the most helpful sources of information. With so much content out there, they needed a tool that could help them with this. So, the algorithm was created. 

The algorithm is made up of attributes that Google believe good quality sites should have. Although this isn’t visibly published; years of experience mean experts in this field have a good understanding of what they expect to see from us. SEO is the process in which a company optimises their website to better appeal to Google. Thus, they rank better. 

Ever wondered why most companies have a blog? As a fintech content marketing agency, we know that written content plays a big part in your SEO value. When you publish said content, there’s a good chance that you answer questions that people may search for. This means Google can better identify you as a potential candidate when it comes to determining search results. The reason ranking highly is so important? Well, as humans, we want quick answers, and we want it now. This means that we rarely utilise the content that appears lower than the 3rd result on the first page. The majority of the traffic will always go to the first option on the SERP. The lower down you are, the more your chances dwindle away. Therefore, you need to be doing everything you can in order to rank higher.

Despite this being vital, writing content isn’t as easy as it may seem at first. There are plenty of things that make life difficult when it comes to writing blogs and landing pages. For instance, reaching the optimum length (1,000 words) and keeping 80% of your sentences under 20 words.

In addition, as we touched on earlier, you need to keep your content informative but simple. Using lots of technical jargon may make you look more specialised but it’s no good if your clients can’t decipher what you’re on about. All in all, putting your work out there is a very time-consuming process but one that needs doing nonetheless.

Building Case Studies

Case studies are the perfect way to prove your excellence. This is an area we’re very familiar with and one that many of our fintech clients benefit from. Being able to showcase your work in some way is vital when winning customers over. Featuring these on your site or throughout your social media is a great way to boost yourselves further than your competitors. 

Before making purchases, many of us seek the opinions of others to help us make a decision. Your case studies should always include statistics and client reviews where possible. Being able to provide potential consumers with evidence of your hard work could be the difference between making a sale or driving companies elsewhere.


Breaking up your content on your website with graphics is a great way to keep people engaging. Looking at a thousand words that have little imagery can be really daunting. As such, people will be put off unless media is involved. Graphics should always be used on your social platforms. Again, these are the perfect way to break down information to keep people interested whilst preserving your professionalism.

Getting your graphic design right can be tricky and time-consuming. If this is something you need help with, our fintech content marketing agency are always happy to help.

Online Presence 

No matter what industry you’re in, there isn’t a single business out there that cannot benefit from social media in one way or another. Given how popular it has become in recent times, those of you not utilising this space are holding yourselves back.

Given that you’re operating in a B2B market, the most helpful platform for you is going to be LinkedIn. This is a valuable asset to any business trying to network with other companies. Not only will you be able to use this platform for building your reputation but outreach too. Being able to connect with other companies within the financial industry means you could drum up some serious sales. Of course, this can only mean good things for your company.

What Else You’ll Love About Our Fintech Content Marketing Agency

Often, people are put off by content marketing when they see the expensive London price tag that is associated. Despite this, VerriBerri always aim to offer a more affordable option to city agencies whilst guaranteeing the same (if not better) quality. We are able to do this simply because we are based in Essex. Cheaper costs mean we can pass this saving onto our valued clients.

It goes without saying but we always aim to please. In order to get your marketing strategy the best it can be, we always invest plenty of time into getting to know our new clients. Understanding your core values and how the business is run is integral when it comes to building your strategy. After doing this, we then get to work putting together a completely bespoke package for you. These are hand-crafted and tailor-made to suit your every need. No matter your budget, we will always strive for excellence. Quite frankly, we refuse to do anything by halves.

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If you’d like to know more about our fintech content marketing agency, we’d love for you to get in touch. Being a part of a company’s growth is extremely rewarding; we love being involved in new and exciting projects. To reach the team, simply click here! We can’t wait to hear from you.