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Fintech marketing agency in the UK

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There are certain industries that can be challenging to market. One of these is the financial technology industry. Our fintech marketing agency can aid your business in maximising your marketing strategies. We are not only experienced in the world in marketing, but in this particular niche. 

VerriBerri have over 11 years’ experience in the marketing and PR industry. Here at our fintech marketing agency we believe that your marketing or PR isn’t a bill, it’s an investment into the growth of your company. We make sure when working with you, you can see the value in what we do and see a return in investment for your business. 

It is our job to take away the stress of trying to market your brand. We are able to secure opportunities for you, for having your company features in relevant media outlets to increasing your Google ranking. 

Our knowledgeable team will establish the unique selling points within your company and create content and articles that your target audience and journalists will want to read. This interest, in the format that we execute it, will certainly lead to more opportunities for your brand. It can benefit, your sales, customer support, brand awareness, team morale, and make you look more attractive to potential investors. 

We can operate as a stand-alone support service, looking after your entire marketing operation; or work alongside in-house marketing teams and offer additional support. Working alongside our specialist fintech marketing agency means you benefit from our knowledge and experience on an ongoing basis. VerriBerri team members will take a multitude of topics put our creative spin on them. 

Marketing a fintech brand isn’t like promoting a regular business; so our fintech marketing experts are on hand to help you make the most out of your marketing and PR.

The difficulties behind marketing a fintech company

The main reason behind finance technology companies being tricker to market is the reputation we have to overcome, in addition to compliance. Statistically, over 80% of people still regard anything, and everything, linked to finance as a money making exercise where ethics are not important. 

Additionally, as the marketing of most financial sectors are un-intuitive inflexible this adds to the PR problem our marketing team need to break through. We work with you to inject innovation into your campaigns in order to overcome these initial stigmas and biases against the financial industry. 

People still perceive the industry to be dry, dull companies. It is our job to turn the fintech industry into content that customers are going to want to read.   

So how can you create high quality fintech marketing and PR?

Publish educational content

Publishing educational content is always a great marketing strategy. The finance technology sector is notorious for jargon and lack of transparency. Fintechs need to overcome this hurdle in order to attract more customers; the easiest way to do this is through educational, jargon free content. 

One of the best ways to publish educational content is through blogs, regularly publishing a blog is one of the most cost-effective ways to pull traffic into your site. Along with targeted SEO and consumer research it can make your fintech business one of the most impressionable. 

Be bold and creative

It can be hard for fintech companies to stand out. In such a saturated market more and more companies are battling top spot. When creating bold campaigns, our innovate team closely align your brand values and identity with exciting concepts that stay with the consumer. 

Our fintech marketing agency recognise it is hard to make finance technology companies appeal to a wider audience, which is why we put a creative spin on it. These ideas may not come naturally to you, so this is where VerrBerri’s experienced team can put their skills to use and create well curated content, that you might have not been able to, or have had the time to, create.    

Establish yourself as a thought leader

Leadership marketing is a great tactic to establish yourself within your industry. Our fintech marketing agency can help you to put your brand forward in the form of PR articles. This, along with select social media marketing activities, will drive the media towards you. 

When you put your opinions forward to the public; you gain trust and credibility within your field (providing you are an expert). Along with our dedicated PR teams help, you will have respected publications and journalists coming forward wanting to feature you. 

So how do you gain the title of ‘thought leader?’ It takes time but it is something that will be pivotal to the success of your company. This status can be achieved through publishing content that answers the big questions that your target customers are asking. It can also be achieved through publishing and commenting on industry related reports and establishing relationships with other professionals. 

Make sure your fintech marketing is mobile and social friendly

Everything now is mobile. If you’re not basing your marketing initiatives around your devices; you’re missing out on one of the largest ways to connect with consumers. You must make sure you have a responsive website. Not only will you rank higher on Google, but conversions from the visitors you receive will be higher. 

Mobiles are all about ease of use and the speed. If your site has pop-ups and irrelevant content this will make navigation frustrating and users leaving will be high. You need to really spend time making sure your website looks and behaves impeccably, before you even think about optimising it. 

Social media goes hand in hand with mobile devices. When it comes to fintech marketing you’re going to need to identify the market sector that best suits you. Your target audience are key, so research which social platforms they are using. From this you can then create tailored content from where their interests and preferences lie.

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For ultimate success, you will use elements of social media marketing, SEO and PR cohesively. These sectors are closely aligned to work together, to deliver the best results for your business – if carried out correctly. 

Our fintech marketing agency have the knowledge, skills and experience to understand what techniques work best for your company. For more information on how we can be of service click here to get in contact with one of our team members today.