Food and Drink PR Agency


Food and Drink PR Agency

If you’re working in hospitality and looking to take your company to the next level, then you need a food and drink PR agency. Here at VerriBerri, we work hard to bring great quality results to all of our clients. What’s more, we’ve spent lots of time solidifying our relationships with our contacts, ensuring you get the very best exposure.  

food and drink PR agency

Through the years, we have been able to perfect our services which meant introducing our PR guarantee. With public relations being quite an unpredictable aspect of marketing, it can sometimes be hit and miss. By putting a guarantee on our work, you can be confident that you won’t receive any unexpected surprises along the way. Integrity is important to us so we ensure absolute transparency.

What Are Public Relations?

Public relations are a way for businesses to reach their audience. This may be through the traditional method of newspaper articles or through influencer campaigns. The main focus of a food and drink PR agency is to bring your company brand visibility. Along the way, this should improve your reputation, boost your sales, and establish you as an industry leader.

Knowing Your Customer

Before undertaking any venture, it’s especially important that you evaluate who your audience are. In fact, arguably it’s one of the most important things for you to be aware of. Once this is known, you can then begin exploring which aspects of PR will be the most fruitful for your company. Within the food and drink industry, target audience can be split between two main categories. Some of you may be trying to attract the general public whilst others may be looking to sell to supermarkets.

Food Retailers

If you’re looking to appeal to the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, or Waitrose; you’re going to need a lot of media backing. In order to prove your worth, you need to be able to showcase that you’re in demand from the public. At this point you’re a consumer-led product meaning that you can be quite powerful in terms of improving the footfall of said retailer. To do this, you need to be persuasive and appear in a range of different press outlets.

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In this case, you’re going to want to appear in a mixture of both industry specific and mainstream media. In terms of industry specific, we’re referring to the likes of Good Food and Delicious magazine (to name just a few.) These publications are well known and trusted amongst the food and drink industry. If they are willing to put their reputation on the line to advocate you through PR and not advertising; this reflects you in a good light. Furthermore, the ‘foodies’ reading these magazines are going to want to try your product. The higher the demand, the more likely a food retailer is going to take the plunge in terms of stocking your products. 

On top of this, you’re also going to want to target the likes of The Guardian (for example) too. This is a great way to reach the vast majority but also a range of different demographics. Again, this is only going to boost consumer demand. This is going to help you at a later date when putting together your reasons why a shop should stock your items. Our food and drink PR agency can help you gain this backing through our specialist knowledge in this field. Additionally, we can also help you with finding, and appealing to, stockists who suit your brand.

The General Public

The media surrounds us in everything we do. Utilising quality media publications makes it incredibly easy to reach the vast majority of the population. It’s for this reason that a main focal point for you should be around national press. 

Despite having a fairly solid idea of who your target demographic is, mainstream media allows you to touch people you may have otherwise left behind. Overall, it is a great way for you to increase your memorability and draw people to your website. 

As well as this, you may want to consider targeting more specific media also. The readers of Olive magazine are usually those passionate about food and drink. Therefore, if you’re able to catch their eye by featuring in an article, you’re going to pique their interest. This will help boost your sales and popularity. As well as this, PR is a great way to get people talking about your brand. Word of mouth is an invaluable tool when it comes to business.

Why You Need a Food and Drink PR Agency

Public relations are one of the few areas of marketing that you’re going to struggle to do on your own. Without existing relationships with contacts in the field, it’s likely that you’re going to go unnoticed. It’s hard to make movements and pitching to journalists can be extremely daunting. By utilising the skills of experts in this field, you not only save yourself a bucket load of time but also stress too. 

Furthermore, we’re able to assist with crisis management should a need arise. It would be silly for any brand to assume they’re immune from negative news stories. Whilst publications can be great for improving your reputation, things can often go the other way too. Our food and drink PR agency are well versed in crisis communications. This means we’re able to stop detrimental news stories from breaking. Alternatively, if they already have, we know just how to minimise the downfall.

As well as the above, we’re also a full-service agency. This means we can also tackle other areas of your marketing should you need us too down the line. We cover everything from social media and PR all the way through to event management and graphic design. Having all your contacts under one roof is far easier than juggling multiple partnerships. 

Why Not Get in Touch?

If a food and drink PR agency sounds like something you could benefit from, we would be happy to help. We love watching companies grow alongside us and getting to work with other creatives. For more information on how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. To do so, call the office on 01376 386 850 or, just click here!