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Food rebranding agency

Food rebranding agency in Essex

We are an adaptable business that suit a variety of marketing and PR needs. We are here to help you with your food re-branding requirements in order to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. From design projects where we undertake the rebranding itself to PR and social media to show it off; you’re in safe hands.


Why Re-Brand?

We have all walked into our local supermarket and seen that a brand has had a complete transformation. To this day, it surprises many of us. Often it is made into a news article; be it Marathon to Snickers or Opal Fruits to Starburst. People are interested in rebrands and they want to talk about them. It’s not just thought-provoking; it sets you apart.  

Branding is essentially how you identify a business without actually thinking about who they are. For example, Dairy Milk’s glass of milk or Apple’s, well, apple. Logos like this help to give the brand an identity which effectively, gives them a sense of familiarity and aids to immediately recognise the brand. 

Branding isn’t just the logo either. It’s the typography, the language, and the culture of the company. This is exactly why branding guidelines are not just wanted but needed. This is especially true when undertaking any branding project. 

The process of re-branding is almost like a story that reveals who your target audience is. For example, if you choose to go down the route of keeping things simplistic and plain, then your target market will most likely be adults. 

On the other hand, if this were the opposite and your re-brand was colourful and bold, then it may be that you have chosen to target children and teenagers. Whatever direction you choose, the re-brand will be part of your audience. It will help you to prioritise those who are attracted to the business products or services.  

You may not think food re-branding is essential, but it helps a brand to leave an outdated image behind and reinvigorate with a fresh new look. With a multi award-winning Essex re-branding agency like VerriBerri; it doesn’t stop at a logo. We include services from brand-new social graphics to as far as redesigning a whole new website. 

Out with the old, In with the new

We always think outside the box and present you with innovative ideas to keep up with modern day trends. It is important to re-brand after a period of time; as it helps you to represent the new services and products you offer in a fresh new light. Which in turn, markets your products or services to a new audience, which will then help you to gain new customers. 

Although food re-branding is an enjoyable exercise in growth; it is important for any brand to keep iconic imagery and colours, as this is how consumers subconsciously remember the brand. For instance, when you think of McDonalds, the first thing that comes to mind is the bright yellow arches. 

This is something they will never change as it is eye-catching and a memorable factor. Food re-branding helps to stop your company from becoming dated and stuck in the past. It’s good to let go and adopt a new approach for the sake of the future. However, the ‘je ne sais quoi’ that defines your brand should always stay in situ. 

A refreshed look and feel is what re-branding is all about. When it comes to the process, how do you want to make your new brand stand out? The first thing you need to ask yourself is “what is my brand all about?”. If everything still feels a bit foggy and unclear; you need to determine your goals, audience, and targets.  After this, you can involve the professionals. 

Would PR help along the way?

With an important process like this, it is vital to consider both a PR and design team to help you. Without an agency like ours, you’ll be working blind. Food re-branding is a top brand positioning strategy that all food businesses will at some point choose to consider. It needs to be done well. 

By investing your trust into an agency like us, we promise to give you the best advice and tips to sit alongside your brand. It may be the best option to reveal the new food re-branding in a creative manner. (It usually is!) We are lucky enough to have a team of skilful marketing and PR professionals who can take your idea and help it take form. We have of experience within the PR and marketing industry and are guaranteed help you succeed.  

With the benefit of social media platforms, for example, sharing your re-brand can have an influence on your followers and help them become intrigued. As a consequence, by engaging with them; it can encourage them to buy the product or service. 

Will PR help to achieve my goals?

Here at VerriBerri, we understand that every business owner has a completely different end goal that they want to achieve. 

PR agencies can help get your re-branded food business into media outlets that focus on your specific type of target market, making your brand widely visible. We can help your re-brand be seen by the right type of people. VerriBerri will lead your business forward in the right way, retaining the professional image you consistently want and need.  

All in all, PR enables you to reach a wider audience by reaching out and using big media outlets as a key branding strategy. Subsequently, leading your re-branded business to bigger opportunities. This could be a foodie magazine, appealing to an older market. Or perhaps a B2B publication which will help you sell wholesale items. Regardless of your companies place within the hospitality industry; there is a PR strategy that will benefit you and your sales, in addition to showing off your new branding. 

With help from our design and PR agency, we can assist getting your brand out there to media sources to gain recognition from engagement with specific clients. 

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