Why a graphic design agency should be considered

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Why a graphic design agency should be considered

We’re highly visual creatures and we often make decisions based purely on what we see in front of us. There’s a reason, after all, that a phrase like “eyes bigger than your stomach” exists. How many times have you found yourself thinking “I can do that”. Before cutting to two hours later as you nurse your bruised ego, and question your life choices. Just us here at our graphic design agency?

Well, anyway, the point stands, and (good) businesses make use of visuals more than most. The team here at VerriBerri, a marketing and graphic design agency in Essex, wanted to take you through some of the main reasons to consider using an agency such as ours to elevate your business brand.

The Science Of Visuals

There’s one figure we’re going to reference here because that one figure says more than pretty much anything else could. It’s thought that visual information is processed by the brain a staggering 60,000 times faster than information conveyed through text. In other words, you can communicate with an audience far quicker and with more impact than you could with text alone. When a potential customer lands on your site, you don’t have long to capture their attention.

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In fact, on average you have around 15 seconds before people have made a decision as to whether they’ll stay or leave a website. In that short period, you simply don’t have the time to offer ream upon ream of text to snap up would-be customers. You need the pertinent information in text, of course, but anything that could be said visually, should be said visually. 

Develop Your Own Distinct Style

With the number of website builders, content creation tools, and editing platforms out there these days; you can do a pretty good job at developing a visual style of your own for your business. However, in order to truly be a top business, you need to be aiming for more than simply ‘pretty good’. You need to be aiming for excellent.

By utilising a graphic designer, you’re not only getting high-quality imagery and design, but you’re also getting consistency across your business’ branding, and that’s arguably just as important. You can have the nicest website in the world, but if it features a hodgepodge of different design styles across the site, then it doesn’t sit right – it looks mismatched.

With a graphic designer on-board, by contrast, you’re getting a cohesive clarity of vision which will extend throughout – not just your website – but all your marketing materials. Our graphic design agency, for instance, will put together comprehensive brand packages, including everything from fonts to colours. This means that the look across your business will be consistent, and consistently strong.

Jack Of All Trades

The great thing about a graphic designer (and a graphic design agency, in particular) is that it’s a broad profession. Therefore, a designer’s skillset is correspondingly diverse. That means you’ll not just get graphics, not just logos, not just brochures or flyers, but everything.

So, unlike the results you’d get from going to one designer for a logo, one for overall branding and one for any print material work (which, ironically, would give you the same disparate sort of overall effect we warned against prior) you go to one agency; and typically, you go to one designer. It’s a smarter way of approaching the visual aspects of your business.

Free Up Your Time

One of the benefits of utilising a graphic design agency least-often talked about is the burden it lifts from your own shoulders as a business owner. In what’s already likely a busy, stressful environment managing payroll, day-to-day operations, sales, services – you name it – having to worry about creating your own graphic design material is the unwanted cherry on top.

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This situation unsurprisingly leads to a rushing; a forcing of creativity that ultimately benefits nobody. You’re left with less time to focus on the elements of your business that you’re not only best at, but that which most need your attention. At the same time, what you’re putting out is most likely going to be half-baked, at best. The pressure of time is rarely conducive to the best creative work, whatever the discipline…

By outsourcing your graphic design requirements, on the other hand, you enable an experienced professional to practise the craft they undertake day in and day out, whilst you’re left to get on in areas more suited to your expertise.

Our Graphic Design Agency

We benefit from the fact that we offer not only graphic design services as an agency, but also a whole host of other marketing and PR services. This means we can offer a more comprehensive, tailored marketing solution to your business. What’s more, these different departments all work in-house and under one roof; this gives our working processes (and thereby the end-results) a more organic, collaborative and synergetic feel.

We can create campaigns with each department helping the other; PR articles can be written with accompanying graphics. Optimised websites can be set up with the stylish touch of the designer. This sets up a sort of positive feedback cycle, whereby the one feeds the other, so to speak. Ultimately, the main beneficiary is you and your business! What’s not to like?

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Graphic design is an art form in and of itself; it combines the creativity of the artist with the discipline of the businessperson. So, if you’d like to find out more about our graphic design agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850 or by emailing [email protected]. Alternatively, you can get in touch via our social media channels and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. We look forward to hearing from you! We’re happy to either meet up in person (socially distanced, of course) or remotely, via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Whichever suits best!