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Graphic Design Agency Essex

Graphic design is a complex art. It requires both skill and training to hone the ability to visualise a design and then create it. A graphic designer has to be an expert with their chosen software, able to transfer ideas and concepts from imagination to screen.

On top of this they also have to be proficient communicators; effectively manage their own time; and be in constant touch with clients in order to produce an amazing design.


Such challenging requirements mean that many companies outsource their graphic design requirements. This has lead to a rise in dedicated graphic design agencies.

VerriBerri is an award winning graphic design agency in Essex which offers services from designing your logo and brochures all the way up to your website and even a complete rebranding of your business!

Aspects of Graphic Design

There are many steps from initial consultation to presenting the finished product. They can be effectively summarised into four phrases. Definition, Creation, Feedback and Delivery.

The definition phase covers the first consultation with a client, initial research and preliminary idea creation. Communication is critical in this phase. Without effective communication the possibility of missed expectations is high. The client may believe they have asked for something very specific. But the graphic designer could believe that the client has asked for something else completely. Therefore it is critical to end the consultation with both parties sharing the same vision of the end product. 

Once feedback has been made; the graphic designer will start work on several different designs based upon their brief. These designs can be created using various softwares. Regardless of their preferred method, a graphic designer slowly refines their designs until they are happy to present them to the client.

Upon receipt of the designs the responsibility then lies with the client to provide constructive feedback. This could be as small as a colour change or as large as a complete re-design if they feel that the designs are not representative of their vision.  

When the final revision of the clients design is completed; the finished product is delivered. Depending on the scale of the project, the completion of this process can take between weeks and months to achieve. This very short explanation should provide you with some insight into the role of a graphic designer.

What Customers See

After taking a short look at the role of a graphic designer, let’s investigate the end product of this process further. When a customer looks at your logo or website, what are they thinking. Human beings make subconscious observations all of the time. Everything we see is judged using the golden ratio and the rule of thirds. 

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The rule of thirds is one of the first things budding photographers incorporate into their knowledge base. When taking a photo, most digital cameras display a grid on the screen consisting of two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. Studies have shown the human eye is rarely drawn to the centre of a picture and instead aims at the points where these lines intersect; or the lines themselves. This is the rule of thirds.

The golden ratio is approximately 1:1.61. This is a mathematical ratio commonly found in nature. It is the ratio that makes us admire the shape of a flower or a seashell without any justification or reason. Designers have been utilising the golden ratio for thousands of years to create visually pleasing architecture such as the pantheon in ancient Greece. 

Bringing us back to the present. Another standard that customers hold companies to is accessibility. When using an app, if the user cannot access what they require in a few clicks the graphic designer has not achieved the standard required by the user.

How Can Graphic Designers Help Your Business

So what can a graphic design agency in Essex do for your business. VerriBerri specialises in brand development and design. The graphic design team know that your brand needs to epitomise your companies values, demonstrate your vision and display your products with style. A personalised service from start to finish means you can create a story to sell that is meaningful. 

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Your colour choice is one of the most critical decisions you can make. Studies show that 90% of the reason we select certain products is due to the colour of the packaging. Humans associate certain colours with certain emotions. To ensure a connection with your customers you need to ensure that your colour scheme conveys the correct feeling. 

Red is typically associated with excitement. It is a bold colour that jumps off the page and screams importance. Blue has been linked with feelings of trust and dependability. Social media platforms use blue because it invokes a sense of calm and safety. It is also liked by both men and women equally, an important factor to consider when marketing your product. Black on the other hand looks exclusive. Add a touch of gold and you have a product that conveys an aura of luxury. 

This article has touched on just a few of the components of graphic design. It should provide you with an idea of just how much goes into this often overlooked area of marketing.

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At VerriBerri we understand that your company is unique. No organisation is the same and so neither will your branding. As an award winning graphic design agency in Essex we guarantee designs that are unique to your business.

Graphic design is one of the simplest but most important methods to ensure that your business is both visually appealing and engaging. So to see what we can do for you contact us today at 01376 383 850. We’d love to meet you, get to know you and see how we can help you visualise the future for your business!