Health and Wellbeing PR Agency: Reaching a Wider Audience Through PR

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Health and Wellbeing PR Agency: Reaching a Wider Audience Through PR

As a health and wellbeing PR agency, we have a huge insight into the various sub-sections of this industry. We have helped numerous brands to build their visibility and secure themselves a better future. Established in 2009, the VerriBerri team have over 12 years of experience within the public relations sector. We help companies from all over the world; including the USA, Europe and Asia. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, mental health has become a huge topic of interest for many. After years of advocation, it seems we are finally starting to invest in looking after ourselves better. From a PR and marketing stance, this has conjured up some amazing opportunities for our clients. Undeniably, now is the best time for you to be getting ahead of the curve.

Rising Competition Within the Industry

Naturally, with a higher demand for wellbeing products and services, the industry has quickly become overcrowded. As an agency that serves all sectors, we have seen this trend time and time again. If this wasn’t something your business faced before; it is likely to be a struggle for you in the years to come. 

Unfortunately, a saturated market is the death of many businesses globally. The internet has introduced us consumers to a plethora of variety. For many brands, it can be hard to make noise without an effective marketing and PR strategy. As experts, our biggest advice to you is to be proactive, not reactive.  

What Value Will a Communications Strategy Provide My Business?

Like all the services we offer, the biggest benefit of PR is new business. When you target the right channels, your brand is introduced to entirely new markets. Further, you also reach existing customers and remain at the forefront of their minds. People cannot buy from you if you aren’t discoverable and right now, your products are highly desirable. PR allows you to make use of the platforms around you to increase your brand awareness.

Secondly, public relations have the huge advantage of positively affecting your reputation. With so many brands for your target segment to choose from, you want to stand out as the elite. Public relations are all about sharing an emotive or relevent story with your audience. With health being so topical at the moment, now is the best time to create a personal connection with your audience.

Top Marketing Agencies

Lastly, public relations are also extremely cost effective, if you utilise the likes of our health and wellbeing PR agency. As a business, if you were to approach a journalist directly, typically, they would only offer paid coverage. However, when you go via a PR firm, all of our opportunities are completely free. What’s more, the team here at VerriBerri have worked hard to establish strong connections across both the journalism and influencer industry.

Mainstream Press

The direction you take with your PR will depend heavily on the exact nature of your business. However, for most health and wellbeing brands, mainstream media is the way to go first and foremost. Conventional publications have a national reach allowing you to tap into all areas of your market. Quite often, PR also allows businesses to reach otherwise forgotten corners of their target segment.

For those of you who serve a more local community, you may find better value in local publications. When you work with our health and wellbeing PR agency, we can offer more tailored advice on the best course of action for you. 

Influencer Marketing

The popularity of influencer marketing is on the rise and there are very few industries that cannot benefit from implementing this in their strategy. Luckily for you, the health and wellbeing industry is the perfect candidate for this method of promotion.

66% of brands use what are called ‘mid-level’ influencers. Meanwhile, over one third of all businesses gift their products to influencers in return for exposure. Influencer marketing doesn’t require a huge budget if this isn’t available to you. More often than not, influencers are willing to showcase your product to their fan for free, providing they believe in your message.

At VerriBerri, we can help you when it comes to managing your influencer campaigns. Whether you are looking to gift products or enlist ambassadors, we have the skillset to help you do this effectively. When well executed, influencer marketing can be extremely lucrative. 

Crisis Management

No brand is safe from criticism. Whilst journalists can offer wonderful exposure opportunities, they also have the power to tarnish your name beyond repair. Unfortunately, all it takes is one mistake and your reputation could be left in tatters.

crisis management

Our health and wellbeing PR agency are also highly skilled in crisis management. When you outsource this task to us, we become responsible for managing the fallout of negative news stories. Further, we will always try to stop these reports from breaking and can help highlight weaknesses in your upcoming projects.

As we mentioned earlier, you should always be focussing on being proactive. Whilst crisis management may not stand out to you as a necessity, it really is. It always pays to have some kind of insurance for your reputation. With this having such a heavy baring on your success, it is important you nurture how others perceive your brand. Crisis management aids you in doing this.

Contact a Member of Our Team

If public relations are something you would like to explore further, why not speak to our experts? We pride ourselves on our transparency and no matter what, we are dedicated to doing what is right for your business. What’s more, we offer better security for our clients through our lead guarantee. This is unique to us and not something you will be able to find with other agencies. Our health and wellbeing PR agency promises to deliver.

To contact a member of our team, you can reach the offices by clicking here. We can’t wait to hear from you!