Health and Wellbeing Social Media Marketing: The Way Forward

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Health and Wellbeing Social Media Marketing: The Way Forward

At VerriBerri, we have over 12 years of experience specialising in health and wellbeing social media marketing. We take brands across the sector and aid their growth strategy through building their online identity. Whether you are in need of captivating content or looking to launch an influencer campaign, we can help.

Why Now Is the Best Time for Social Media Marketing 

Taking care of your health and wellbeing has become a growing trend during the Coronavirus pandemic. With the market becoming more saturated, being seen by the right people is trickier than ever. If you’re going to establish your brand, now is the best time to work on developing your strategy. 

Social media is the marketing trend that just gets bigger and bigger. Similarly, popularity for wellbeing products and services is showing no sign of slowing. Last year had us all glued to our devices. Undeniably, the best way to reach the public now, is through their phones. 

Which Platforms Should I Be Using? 

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When it comes to wellbeing brands, you may find the most B2C conversion potential in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In our experience, these sites have been incredibly lucrative when marketing lifestyle, health and aesthetics products/services. This is due to their demographics which mainly include young adult females. 

It is tricky to give a solid answer as to whether all these platforms will work for you specifically. Moreover, there may be other outlets that you could utilise too. Which sites you use for promotion depends massively on your target segment and consumer behaviour. This is where some companies find it more time-efficient to employ the aid of a health and wellbeing social media marketing agency. For more in-depth advice, it is advisable you speak to our team directly. 

The Benefits of Health and Wellbeing Social Media Marketing 

When you implement effective social media marketing (SMM), you benefit from exposure like never before. Not only will your existing customers feel more connected, but you will also reach completely new markets. 77.9% of the UK population use social media in one capacity or another. That is a huge 53 million British individuals that could potentially see your brand. Not to mention globally, this figure hits 2.89 billion. Having an online identity has never been more critical. 

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The content you share online says a lot about your business. With health being a growing concern for most, it’s important you build a good reputation. Trust is everything. Posting videos and images of your products is a great way to boost desire and showcase your skill. In addition, sharing graphics can prove your knowledge, positively affecting your overall image. A good reputation will promote customer loyalty and retention, helping you to stand out. 

Many overlook social media and the part it can play in delivering impeccable customer service. Life is hectic for many of us. This means little spare time to waste playing email tennis or sitting on hold for hours. Utilising online platforms to offer support or for booking appointments, is far more convenient for your customers. This could be the difference between an individual making a purchase/enquiry or visiting a competitor site instead. 

Finally, social media marketing will help support your other marketing methods too. Influencer marketing is becoming very popular for health and wellbeing brands. However, without social platforms like Instagram and YouTube, this wouldn’t be possible. Similarly, SMM has a big impact on your search engine marketing and how high you rank on search engines. This is an important factor to consider if you want to compete successfully. 

What Do I Benefit from When Working with VerriBerri? 

Knowledge and Experience 

At VerriBerri, we have extensive experience of the marketing landscape. We know your audience and exactly what they want to see from you. As a marketing agency, it is our job to keep up with trends and adapt our clients’ strategies along with the shifting terrain. By working with a specialist team like ourselves, you benefit from marketing that is current and relevant. 

Growing, Multi-Award-Winning Agency 

Starting up in 2009, we are proud to hold the title of being the biggest marketing and PR agency in Essex. As we continue to grow, we always aim to stay ahead of the game so that we can ensure maximum time for our clients. What’s more, our list of accolades also keeps expanding. Recently, we have been awarded titles such as ‘Best PR & Marketing Agency’ and ‘Most Influential Marketing Director.’ Our achievements are something we’re never shy in boasting about. 

Fresh Ideas 

As our tagline suggestions, you benefit from fresh ideas. We believe our team of creative individuals to be one of our biggest strengths. Over the years, we have worked hard to create an environment where all ideas are welcomed. This has allowed us to create a close-knit team where the sky is never the limit. Going above and beyond is in our nature. There’s simply no stopping us. 


In addition to health and wellbeing social media marketing, our specialist team are multi-skilled. As an integrated agency, we have departments covering everything you could ever need. Currently, the marketing solutions we offer include: 

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2.  Pay Per Click 
  3. Event Management 
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Public Relations, Crisis Management and Influencer Marketing 
  6. Internal Communications
  7. Graphic Design, Branding/Rebranding and Website Development 

Do You Need Our Help? 

Are you in need of help with your health and wellbeing social media marketing? Why not get in touch? All of our client packages are completely bespoke, and hand crafted to suit your individual needs. What’s more, we will even create a complimentary proposal, allowing you plenty of time to consider your options. Afterall, we wouldn’t want any of our clients to feel pressured into making a decision. We want you to pick the perfect team for your business. We’re THAT confident in our skills! 

To contact our specialists, call the offices on 01376 386 850. Alternatively, click here!