Health Communications Specialists: Why You Need Our Help

Health Communications Specialists: Why You Need Our Help

At VerriBerri, we are a team of reputable health communications specialists. This means that we help brands within the healthcare sector in streamlining the communication between themselves and their audience. We work hard to strengthen the bond our clients have with their customers whilst also gaining them new ones along the way. With our 12 years of experience behind your campaign, the sky is never the limit.

Amongst PR, we also have knowledgeable and experienced teams offering assistance in other areas of marketing. We are a full-service agency offering all-round support. The services we currently offer include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Event Management
  • Branding and Rebranding
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Management

Why Now?

As health communications specialists, we understand the importance behind having a solid communications strategy. Despite this, we recognise that not everyone may have the insight we have. It’s for this reason we are constructing this blog. So that you, our readers, can understand the value behind our expertise.

We’ve all heard the saying “there’s no time like the present” and for the healthcare sector, this really is the case. You don’t need a professional to tell you that competition is fierce. Of course, you know this. However, what some businesses fail to recognise is how PR can help in combating this issue. When developing a communications strategy, the aim is to tell a narrative that sheds your company in the best light possible. In other words, telling a story that helps solidify a healthy reputation. The more visibility you are able to achieve through your campaign, the further this helps when it comes to gaining new clientele. Put simply, PR helps shine a light on your business, distinguishing you from the crowd.

Touching on reputation again, trust is a huge factor you need to consider. When operating in the healthcare industry, its important people know you are reliable. With the help of health communications specialists, we can assist you in creating a credible brand. With this under your belt, your target segment will have far more belief in your work. Afterall, being known as an elite expert in your field is never a bad title to have. 

Industry Publications

Public Relations

Depending on your target segment, industry press can be a great way to reach the right people. Any respected industry publication will already have an established audience. What’s more, these will be individuals that are interested in hearing what you have to say. By appealing to the common denominator, you’re able to draw in more attention. Of course, the more people that read your story, the more of a name you build for yourself within the sector.

Local Press

If you’re trying to reach a local audience, targeting more regional publications is definitely the way to go. It’s all very well having a good website or amazing facilities but if people aren’t aware of your existence, well, they won’t know you exist.

Making appearances in more localized media means you are targeting an audience with genuine interest in their area. This means, they are far more likely to read your story as they have an existing connection. If you’re able to get the right angle behind your narrative, this can go a long way in helping you build your client base.

Crisis Management

Arguably, any company without a crisis management team on standby is playing with fire. For the healthcare sector, this is especially true. With lawsuits getting out of control, you need to have protection in place. In such a digital world, it has become increasingly easy for people to share their views online. Quite frankly, one bad comment has the power to potentially ruin your entire image.

As professionals in reputation management, it is our job to prevent a crisis from happening. Alternatively, to manage the fallout should an event have already occurred. Moreover, we can help you to spot weaknesses in your upcoming campaigns. All in all, it is our job to ensure the longevity of your brands future.

What You’ll Love About Our Health Communications Specialists

When choosing to work with our team, you benefit from far more than just our knowledge. In addition, you get to take full advantage of our respected name within the journalism industry. Throughout our 12 years in PR, we have worked hard to form concrete relationships with popular publicists. Off the back of this, we now get journalists asking for our help in creating their story. This is a rare occurrence but nonetheless, an important edge to have. Without working alongside health communications specialists, you’re likely to struggle in gaining any sort of traction with a campaign.

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Something else we’re not shy in boasting about is our PR promise. When investing in any area of your business, ROI is a very important factor. Where other communications agencies tend to fall short is in delivering what they promise. At VerriBerri, we are well prepared for the unpredictability of the PR landscape. So that our clients can get the most out of their money, we put a guarantee on our amazing results. This way, you can be confident in our ability.

Finally, we are extremely proud of our hardworking team. In fact, we believe our camaraderie to be one of our biggest strengths. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to win the many awards that we have. With multiple accolades under our belt, we hope this can go a long way in earning your trust. 

Contact Our Health Communications Specialists

At the end of the day, there is no escaping your need for a public relations strategy. If you want your business to excel, this is the best way forward for your brand. 

If you’d like to hear more about our expert team and what we can do for you, why not reach out? We’d love to hear from more inspiring brands looking to secure their future. To get in touch, simply click here. We look forward to hearing from you!