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Healthcare Marketing Agency in Essex

We are a full-service, healthcare marketing agency in Essex. We work with brands all across the sector to bring them better visibility and multi-award-winning results. Through our 12 years in marketing, we have developed a strong, close-knit team who all work out of our office in Maldon. At least in pre-COVID times, anyway! We strongly believe in working together and by doing so, ideation is never in short supply. Having helped hundreds of clients, we’re confident there isn’t any project out there that we can’t take on. With our experience and marketing knowledge, you’re in safe hands!

Given the work that we do, we’re well aware that the healthcare industry spans many different specialities. From spa hotels to physiotherapists and pharmacies to vitamin retailers, all of you will have different requirements. Despite discussing the basics today, not all of what we will cover will suit everyone. Therefore, it is always best to reach out to experts in order to get more targeted advice. At our healthcare marketing agency in Essex, we offer each of our clients a completely bespoke package. This allows us to tailor our work to better suit your needs. 

Getting Your Website Right

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Given the current climate, the internet has definitely become our best friend during the pandemic. 2020 saw online shopping rates soar and this is set to continue rising throughout 2021. With this in mind, any brand with a website needs to make sure they have it fully optimised. 

Of course, the lower you rank on Google, the less organic website traffic you are able to generate. Therefore, making sure you are as high on the SERP as possible is crucial if you want to bring in more sales. How do you do this, you ask? SEO.

Although SEO may seem daunting, with the help of an experienced team, there’s no reason you can’t be scaling the SERP in no time. For those of you who don’t know, the process of search engine optimisation is an extremely technical one. The bad news is, unless you have years of experience, it’s never recommended that you attempt SEO yourselves. The good news, however, is that our healthcare marketing agency in Essex are specialists in this area.

SEO has many benefits, for instance, ranking higher will of course bring you better visibility and new customers. In addition to this, technical SEO helps to improve your end-user experience. Despite this, however, you shouldn’t rely solely on SEO to make your site more efficient. In order to get your website spot on, you also need to be investing in a website design team.

Having a website is one thing but making sure it is easy to navigate is another. With a fresh set of eyes on your site, we would be happy to assist in helping make things more fluid. After all, if your website is confusing, people will only click off and go elsewhere to find what they need. Don’t allow your competitors to make a sale you could have had. 

Building and Maintaining a Strong Online Presence

Social media is of course one of the most popular online activities. It’s projected that in 2025, almost 4.41 billion of us will be utilising various different platforms. Of course, this makes building your online presence seem a no brainer.

Now, if your marketing budgets are low, social media management is definitely something you could do yourselves. Given that most of us use it in our everyday lives, marketing your brand in this way is no rocket science. Where people run into issues, however, is when it comes to knowing how to get their audiences engaged. This is where lots of our social media clients find our help useful.

Posting content is no use if the right people aren’t going to see it. Although you may know what a hashtag is, knowing how to manipulate the algorithm is a whole other story. What’s more, content marketing is an extremely time consuming task. You may think that writing a caption would take seconds, however, this simply isn’t the case. 

Despite it taking a while to develop, posting content on online channels is vital to success. Not only does social media give any business better visibility but it also goes a long way in boosting sales too. In addition to this, your online presence can also be used to offer customer support and promote exclusivity.

Solidifying Your Reputation

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Strong branding is something that every business needs however; many companies are still missing the mark. 

When we say branding, we’re referring to your logo, key company colours, and your typography. These are the features that set you apart from the rest. On the whole, branding should speak volumes for your business including your key values and what you offer. For instance, as a brand in the healthcare sector, it’s highly likely you’ll want to appear professional. Therefore, your branding should help solidify your reputation. If you’re surrounded by competitors, it can be easy for the lines between you and others to become blurred. Branding and rebranding aims to make you stand out all whilst helping you to become more memorable in the process.

Of course, not everyone reading will be a graphic design specialist. Our healthcare marketing agency in Essex have a whole team dedicated to this area. Having worked on many different projects, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to consumer behaviour. Knowing how to make a brand appeal to a target audience is key if you want to be successful. With our help, you can be confident that we will deliver above and beyond your expectations.

Making the Most Out Of the Press

Finally, we’re brought to public relations. PR is mainly used for aiding a brand in establishing themselves amongst their industry and helping them reach their audience. When it comes to the healthcare sector, the best way to expose your brand is through traditional PR. 

Taking a closer look, you need to be utilising certain publications to bridge the gap between you and your target segment. There are two main routes you can go down, mainstream or industry specific. For some of you, you may even need both to work in conjunction with one another.

Mainstream media is good for anyone looking to reach the general public as these platforms usually bring in a huge audience. Appearing in articles on large name publications will help you become far more recognisable. Alternatively, industry specific media is better for those looking to appeal to a more targeted audience. 

As marketing specialists, it’s our job to gain these leads for you and give you guidance on the specific publications you need to target. Unfortunately, PR isn’t an area you can really do yourselves. Unless you have existing relationships with journalists, you’re likely to struggle to gain traction.

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If we’re being honest, any business looking to experience growth really needs to be investing in their marketing strategy. If this is something you’re hoping to achieve in 2021, why not get more information by speaking to a professional? Our healthcare marketing agency in Essex would love to hear more about your company and its aspirations going forward. We love helping our clients flourish and seeing them grow as we do too. To reach a member of our dedicated team, simply click here.