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Passing Your Marketing Medical With A Healthcare Marketing Agency

If you work in a sector that’s linked to healthcare there are certain standards which must be strictly adhered to. Whether that be the construction of healthcare services, the provision of healthcare equipment or simply private healthcare companies, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that people’s health, to some extent or other, is in your hands.

There’s a time for creativity, yes, and there’s a time for fun lateral marketing thinking, of course there is. But when it comes to healthcare, the thing you want to convey more than anything else is professionalism and, even more than that, trustworthiness. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading healthcare marketing agency in Essex, wants to talk all things strategy within this blog so that you can move forward with a clean bill of health.


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People that work within healthcare; or people looking to acquire healthcare services will always be looking for proof of quality and reliability wherever they can. With that in mind, however you prioritise your marketing, incorporating any accreditations, awards or certifications should be your first port of call. Should you sell PPE equipment, then make a point of detailing how it’s industry-standard. If you’re a construction company who work on building GP surgeries; then make sure you mention any renowned industry bodies you hold membership for, as well as detailing successful previous case studies and client

If you run a private healthcare practice, then include patient feedback and survey results within curated infographics made by graphic designers. There are easy ways in which you can telegraph your capabilities and expertise. Here at our healthcare marketing agency; we’re used to picking out the parts of a healthcare business that people really care about seeing.

Target Your Audience

Healthcare marketing, whilst different in many regards to standard marketing, is not so different in others. Particularly similar is the need to market according to your audience. If you’re a care company or a care home; then a solid focus should be made on print media (brochures and healthcare magazines). That being said, the people making decisions as to which care home family members go into are often adult children. That’s why social media marketing is important, to access the more tech-savvy younger generation on the platforms they use most. Whatever you decide should be your focus should not be to the detriment of other marketing tools. (We will come onto this). Your marketing options will include: PR, social media marketing, SEO and graphic design.

PR involves accessing the relevant healthcare magazines, publications and journals on behalf of your brand. Social media marketing most often involves scheduling content (which they also often create), publishing and any other general account management tasks. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) involves blog-writing and other website back-end tasks to get your service climbing up the rankings with the ultimate aim of being the first ranking result on Google and other search engines. Graphic design is arguably the most important facet of healthcare marketing.

With a health brand, it’s an incredibly fine balance to strike between being sleek and professional and being what we like to call beige. Fortunately, it’s a knack that graphic designers seem to have down to a tee. Minimalist design that still convey a bold service message. An emphasis on what isn’t there and the negative space as much as what is actually drawn. Graphic designers are a funny old breed of creative, and their more abstract style of thinking suits the more pared back graphics and design that healthcare brands are so often after. 

Analyse Your Marketing Problems, Diagnose And Act

Most companies that work within the healthcare sector struggle with their marketing because they don’t have an overall plan. They tend instead to target one avenue with great zeal and thus miss out on the gains from other areas. A common example of this is companies that pour moneybags into pay-per-click advertising (PPC) without even touching SEO, PR, organic content or social media. This blinkered approach will only ever lead to short-term gains rather than sustained growth. We’ve established how major a factor trust is within the healthcare industry. The businesses and brands that people trust most are the ones that they’ve had regular exposure to. The companies that they’ve seen pop up on Google, social media and in magazines.

There’s a happy by-product of increased exposure, and that’s increased accountability. Being in the public eye more forces you to be more critical, more analytical and to push ever-higher standards. In something like healthcare where quality is so important, this is yet another reason to pursue your marketing with renewed vigour. To recap, a more overarching and broad approach to your marketing will see increased exposure, and increased exposure tends to equate to increased trust as people feel they already know you. Increased exposure also forces greater levels of transparency, accountability and even higher levels of commitment to quality. All in all, that’s a win-win we’d say here at our healthcare marketing agency!

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Healthcare is one of those sectors that you don’t think about until you need it; then when you do you cannot think of anything else. It’s an industry that requires the highest of standards, and anything short of that simply isn’t good enough. So, if you’d like to find out more about our healthcare marketing agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850.

We’d love nothing more than to sit down and have a chat about how we could optimise your business’ marketing strategy. Many agencies come unstuck when it comes to healthcare; because their catch-all ‘creativity’ is no replacement for the thorough, organised, analytical and detailed work that the sector demands. Ultimately, good health matters more than pretty much anything else in this world, it’s the duty of companies such as ours to uphold that reputation. It’s a duty we take great pride in.