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Home and Interiors Marketing Agency

Home and Interiors Marketing Agency 

If you work in the home interiors industry, you’ll know how difficult it is to brand your business against competitors. An investment of time is needed to ensure your products are of high value and unique; which then entices customers to come to you rather than someone else. 

Whether you’re looking to launch a new business or website, or build an online community of loyal fans and customers; hiring your own home and interiors marketing agency can be the perfect solution for your company growth. 

We’ve worked in the marketing industry for over ten years, specializing in furniture, decoration, and interior design. We thought we’d outline just a few things we can help you with when it comes to marketing your business, and what you can expect to see from us!

Blog Content

Otherwise known as SEO, writing blog content for your website is crucial! If you can’t find the time to do so; or are even unsure of why this would be useful for your home and interiors business; you can find a list of reasons as to why SEO is so important to any business here. Most successful companies blog at least 3-4 times per week. Doing so shows professionalism and that they are passionate about their business.  Furthermore, the SEO benefit is significant. 

Promoting your services can be monotonous, and often hard to do in an industry where competition is high. Blogging can also help to promote your company; so use posts which include videos of your work, or interviews you have conducted after a successful project. 

Marketing agencies can help with specifically that! Blogging in any business is fundamental, especially for boosting SEO rankings with keywords and phrases that relate to your business and will engage with your audience. Blog posts are a powerful tool for gaining visibility for your brand, which is why finding the right home and interiors marketing agency is so important. 

Hiring a marketing agency to help write blog posts can also assist you in appearing more trustworthy to your potential clients. A blog post is a great tool for creating a stream of website traffic and reaching out to a larger audience, and keeps you active on your website! Nothing looks worse than a website which hasn’t been touched in a few months and no interaction with your customers!

Social Media Marketing

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ESSENTIAL! If people are unaware of your business, they can’t become your customers – it’s that simple! Social media will help to boost your visibility entirely and engage with new potential customers. 

Some platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are great for allowing customers to get an idea of your businesses personality which is vital, especially for home interiors! As a company working in that field, ask yourself how you want customers to perceive your brand – converse with a marketing agency to publish the fittings you made to your customers home or designs that they loved. This helps to build a portfolio of your work on social media whilst engaging with customers and answering queries they might have about your company.

As a home and interiors marketing agency, we know how expensive campaigns can be for businesses and not everyone can afford them. That’s why making the absolute most out of social media is so important. Regardless of size and budget, every company can benefit from social media through growing their audience as a result of posts or even ads. 


The home interiors industry has a heavy reliance on aesthetics! Photography in particularly can be very hard to nail, which is why often some companies seek the help of a marketing agency. 

A picture can be worth 1,000 words, and in business, says a lot about your company. With social media and your website in particular, photography is a must, and always needs to be executed properly. 

This requires knowledge on how to get the perfect frame for your picture and shot for what the post is about. For example; If your home interiors business recently finished a project which gave a living room a completely new look, you want to ensure you’re showing off every feature possible in a still image. How can you do that? Include framing properly, taking the picture at the right time of the day and make sure you have the right lighting. 

Photography is also important for eCommerce. The image that you capture can to your target audience, and set the mood. Within that mood, an emotion occurs which causes potential customers to become purchasing customers. 

Web Development

For all businesses, having a fully operational website is important. It can be incredibly frustrating if you find a company that you really like the look of, and ticks all the boxes, but then crashes the second you visit. This instantly turns customers away. This is why it’s important that you have a website which is as good as the service you provide.

 Hiring a home and interiors marketing agency can help you to ensure your website is at its best and fully-functioning. At VerriBerri, we’ve worked with clients and built

websites from scratch, which now attract a whole range of customers directly related to that field. So, trust us when we say we know how important a website is!

There are many factors which come into play as to why you should consider hiring a home and interiors marketing agency. The marketing industry can be difficult to crack and understand, which is why the work carried out by businesses generally isn’t overly effective.

If you’re worried that your home interiors company is struggling to beat off competitors, we can help you. Contact us today by clicking here, or call us on 01376 386850, or check out our Instagram page for a bit of inspiration.