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We are experts in interior marketing. With a wealth of experience in the industry we are well placed to help your brand achieve its goals. Today we will be discussing social media for interiors companies. 

As a nation who loves their homes, social media has come into its own more now than ever before. With the ever-growing increase of Instagram celebrities, such as Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo; it seems that social media has more and more influence. With more than 67% of the UK using social media, you can’t afford to miss out.

Our home and interiors social media marketing agency find that the most effective platforms are Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. With that in mind, an effective marketing strategy is required for each one. 96% of marketing experts rely on a strong social media strategy, and you should too.

Overall social media tips. 

Follow key interior trends. Make sure you are up to date with what people are looking for. However, if you sell a specialised product, or work within a particular era, keep away from following the crowd. Your specialism is what makes you successful. 

Make sure you have a reason for posting. Don’t just throw content out without a purpose. Your posts should work to do the following:

  • Increase brand recognition,
  • establish credibility,
  • help your audience to trust you,
  • place you as an expert / industry leader,
  • find new leads,
  • encourage sales. 

Images and video are imperative. Make sure your graphics are high quality and your descriptions compliment what they show. People engage far more with imagery than written content. 

Make sure you engage with people. There is little point having a social channel if you don’t hold conversations and build relationships with people.

Where you can, use influencers to promote your brand. Research shows that 70% of people consider influencers to be credible sources. Furthermore, this can increase conversions by 3 times. 

Most importantly, make sure you have a goal. It could be brand awareness, in which case your goal is follows, likes and comments. Alternatively, it could be financial, in which case you are looking for sales and conversions.

The Demographics of each platform. 

Facebook for interiors companies. 

59.3% of the UK population use Facebook, with 3.32 million UK users logging on daily. Furthermore, over half of UK Facebook users (52.4%) are female and most are between 25 and 50. Overall, Facebook accounts for over 37% of social media use in the UK daily. The average user is online for just over half an hour a day. 

As the years have progressed Facebook has become a platform for older users, which is excellent news if you are selling goods or services for the home. Your demographic is right here. 

Instagram for interiors companies.

Instagram is the platform you will want to utilise if your audience is slightly younger than Facebook. Of the 22.9 million UK users, most are females between 18 and 34. If your brand is a little more mainstream, or appeals to a younger demographic, Instagram is your friend. 

Statistically, the average income of an Instagram user is slightly lower than that of Facebook. However, this statistic is probably skewed somewhat by the average age. The average user is online for just under an hour every day. Again, this is likely to be related to age. 

Pinterest for interiors companies.

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Pinterest is an excellent social media outlet for any company that works within the interiors and home industry. Being a visual platform, you are able to showcase your services and products in the perfect way. 

Most of the users on Pinterest (62%) are between 30 and 65. They boast the highest average annual income too. This is of course likely to be due to the age range. As such, if you have a high-end product, this is an excellent choice for you. 70% of overall Pinterest users are female, but the average visit time in just 15 minutes. 

We hope this blog has been in some way helpful when choosing what platforms to use for your home and interiors social media marketing. 

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