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Hospitality PR agency

The importance of PR cannot be understated. Our hospitality PR agency believe it is particularly vital in this industry.

Importance of PR

It’s all well and good ranking on Google. Perhaps you having a marketing strategy that utilises a variety of social media platforms? (Believe us this is very important) however enhancing your profile in reputable media outlets is an invaluable promotion. When you consider that people often attend restaurants from a positive referral, having your story or feature in the media is invaluable. Again, this supports the value of PR.

What our Hospitality PR agency can do for you.

Our dedicated PR team have the expertise necessary to grow the profile of your business in respectable publications; both offline and online. Looking in more depth, here are some things we can do for you:

List of PR contacts. Our media contacts are guaranteed to get your restaurant published in multiple media outlets.

Showcasing your USP. We will look at what sets you apart from other restaurants; such as service or unique food and articulate a message to media outlets so they can publish an interesting article.

Resolve Difficult Situations – By owning a restaurant, you may sometimes witness customers getting aggressive from no fault of yours. Make sure that their poor behaviour doesn’t impact your image negatively in the press.

Raise the profile of your launch – VerriBerri can increase the publicity surrounding the launch of your restaurant. We guarantee that the hype surrounding your launch will bring in customers throughout the local area.

PR is a valuable tool to boost the presence of your restaurant in local publications; yet it is difficult to orchestrate without the appropriate knowhow. With this in mind, if you are looking for PR specialists who have the experience and quality regarding PR, look no further than our hospitality PR agency.

Social media is a key element to any PR strategy. 

It is the perfect way of easily keeping in contact with the public. Something that was originally achieved through email marketing which, although still a good tool of communication, is not as widespread as social media.

The need for Social Media

For the hospitality industry, including restaurants, social media is arguably more necessary than most other industries. It gives a perfect opportunity to promote discounts or offers to potential customers; whilst social media also acts as a convenient platform for users to share their experience of your restaurant. All social media channels accommodate a more multimedia user-friendly approach. As such, these platforms are perfect for sharing images and videos, which are proven to increase engagement.

VerriBerri’s Social Media Expertise

VerriBerri have been utilising social media since its birth and we are fully aware of the benefits it can bring. Our dedicated team have specialist experience when managing all social media channels. We dramatically enhance your brand’s online profile. Of course we can set up and manage your social media channels, but here are a few more specific things we can do for each platform:

Twitter. We know how to utilise each platform to their strengths. A more conversational approach is better suited. Partly due to the character limit. Twitter is a great channel for networking and gaining widespread coverage, particularly in the local area.

Facebook.  Your Facebook page is often the first customers’ see of your business, so it’s important to have an adequate page. Keeping it informative but also interesting is key. Facebook has a designated business setup option, so utilising this is important to have star rating features.

Instagram. This is a very relevant platform for restaurants, which allows you to showcase your food suitably and elegantly. Like Twitter, utilising hashtags to their potential is of high importance here.

Though these three channels are the most frequently-used platforms; there is also scope to include Pinterest and YouTube in your strategy. At VerriBerri we know how to operate these multimedia channels effectively to engage users.

Our Hospitality PR agency has vast experience managing various social media channels. Allow us to govern your social media so we can improve your online exposure and reputation no end.