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Our multi-award-winning hotel PR agency know better than most that public relations can sometimes be a slog. With little control over what content journalists are after, it can be hit and miss. Having said this, VerriBerri pride themselves on customer satisfaction. This is why we offer a guarantee on all of our PR work. What’s more, we won’t set unrealistic targets or standards that will leave you disappointed. Based in Essex; we are team of 18 who are flowing with creativity. 

When Googling what public relations are, the information can be quite wishy washy making it difficult for non-experts to understand. In its simplest form, PR is when a business bridges the gap between themselves and the public. This could be in the form of a news or magazine article, or through an influencer collaboration. 

Why You Need PR

When executed effectively, public relations can be pretty impressive in terms of ROI. Whether you’re going down the route of influencers or press; every type of PR serves a great opportunity for you to reach markets you weren’t otherwise hitting. Naturally, this will mean more bookings for you in the long run.

What’s more, PR is a great way to build up a strong and positive reputation between your hotel business and your target audience. This can help increase repeat visits and generate word of mouth referrals. The size of audience you can reach through public relations is usually much larger than a usual marketing campaign.

This year has been a mess. With everyone in lockdown for months and people still hesitant to leave the confinement of their own home, it’s likely that your hotel chain has suffered and is still probably suffering. By bringing on-board our hotel PR agency, we can help give you the well-deserved boost that you need. This is bound to help you weather the stormy sea ahead. 

We’d be here all day if we went through every single PR advantage however, I’m hoping you get the gist. Trust me, there are loads!

Types of PR

It’s likely that your business will be different from the next. As such, you’re going to need a bespoke strategy when it comes to PR. Not every option will be appropriate for your audiences which is why it’s important that you establish this before going further. Our Hotel PR agency can help you to determine the best route for you to go down so as though you don’t waste time, money and effort in the wrong places.

Influencers and Bloggers

The demand for digital marketing is on the up with the online world being a comfort for so many of us throughout the pandemic. When scrolling anywhere on social media, you’re going to be swamped by content from a range of different influencers using this platform to promote other businesses. Whether it’s through collaborations or gifting products, everyone is doing it. Once you have established your target audience, you can then begin looking for the types of influencers that could promote your hotels. Lots of people think you need to be in the beauty industry to utilise this type of PR but actually, they couldn’t be more wrong. With millions of profiles to choose from, the audiences you can reach are endless. 

Furthermore, featuring on a well-known blog can also be massive for your company. You’re most likely going to want to target bloggers in the genre of travel and when done properly, this can be equally as effective as influencers.

Online and Physical Print

Newspapers and magazine articles are the most traditional types of PR and often they’re mistaken as the only form. Although public relations have diversified through the years, this type of PR is still wildly successful and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Whether it’s online or in a physical form, this type of print can help you in a range of ways. You may choose to do an article about what you do or the face behind the company. Either way, they’re great for bringing traffic to your website whilst solidifying a strong and personable relationship with the reader.

Email Marketing

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Email marketing is often forgotten about when it comes to PR however, it is still very relevant. You know when you get one of those emails trying to tempt you to buy something by offering you a discount? Or when you get a monthly newsletter and are drawn in by the lovely dress staring back at you? These are both examples of email marketing. They’re usually sent out to a mass number of contacts and as a result, you’ll get far more people clicking on your hotel’s website and potentially making bookings. 

Why You Need an Agency

The bottom line is, you technically don’t need an agency to do PR for you however, you’ll probably hit a brick wall pretty quick without one. Here at our hotel PR agency, we have spent years building meaningful connections with contacts both nationally and internationally. This means we have been successful in getting publications in the likes of Cosmopolitan magazine and The Guardian to name a few. 

It can often take a little while for PR to get off the floor. This combined with having to pitch ideas means PR can be a very time-consuming process. If you’re already struggling for time as it is, you’re most likely going to benefit massively from bringing on-board an outsourced team. As well as this, we’re experts in our area. This means we’re able to be much more time-efficient than if you were just starting out. This can actually end up being much more cost conscious in the long run than bringing on a team member and having to battle with retraining and annual leave. 

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If the help of a hotel PR agency sounds like something you need, we would be more than happy to sit down for a chat with you. We’ll even create a completely tailored package so as though we can ensure we’re adhering to budgets. For more information on how we can help boost your business, get in touch today by clicking here.