I need a PR agency.

I need a PR agency

I need a PR agency.

If you are looking for a PR agency, excellent. You have taken the first step towards enhancing your brand’s exposure and increasing your turnover.

Before you proceed however, make sure you understand what PR is about. It’s not just column inches and sound bites. Great PR helps you deliver on your business plan, increase your bottom line, and increase your brands positioning in terms of public opinion, search engine rankings, and brand recognition. 

I need a PR agency. 

Many people come to see us because they are fed up with seeing their competitors in the media and they want to benefit from that recognition too. Although this certainly is a benefit of PR, it isn’t the be all and end all. If you have an award-winning PR agencylike ours on board, we can do so much more! 

For example, we mentioned increasing your search engine rankings. Our PR and marketing agency will not only increase your website’s SEO but we can improve the quality of people visiting the site. This means your conversion rate will naturally be higher as a result. 

Great PR gets people talking and thinking about you, which is exactly what we do. 

If your business finds itself in a crisis, we can help! Our Essex PR agency works with clients globally and there isn’t much we haven’t had to deal with. Our team will limit the fallout from a crisis, ensuring that as little damage as possible is done to your business. Crisis management is part of what our award-winning PR agency offer and we ensure that protecting your company is our priority.

We want to help you grow. 

We see PR as a necessity. However, no one likes paying bills. That’s why we ensure that our services are a sound investment for your company’s future, almost like an insurance for growth and success. 

Everything we do will be carried out with a clear aim that sits in line with your business plan to certify it results in company growth. 

If you want to get the most from your time with us, we need to know as much about your company as possible. Where do you want to be? When do you see yourself getting there? What have you done in the past? Without this information, we are restricted in reaching our full potential for what we can achieve for you. As we said above, PR isn’t just column inches! 

If you are currently using an agency, and they are not delivering on every single one of the above points, why are you happy with it delivering so little when you have the potential to do so much?

If you need a PR agency, get in touch with our Essex marketing agency today to find out how our PR department can exponentially increase your brand recognition and profit margins. 

All our proposals are completely bespoke and we work on a flat hourly rate which means no matter how much or how little budget you have available, we can help. VerriBerri believes everyone needs PR and marketing services and we aim to make quality work accessible to all.