I need more clients

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I need more clients

Our agency often meets with potential customers to hear the cry ‘I just need more clients.’ Generally, this is the thing that pushes people into seeking a marketing  or PR agency out. No one likes looking at the money in decreasing whilst the outgoings fail to do the same!

What can you do if you too, ‘need more clients’?

Bluntly put, if it were easy we would be out of business simply because you wouldn’t need either PR or marketing. But that doesn’t mean it’s hard either. You just have to know how.

We are going to give you a few quick and easy tips on how to boost your client base. Do bear in mind, we offer free initial meetings. If you just don’t have time then you can come to us for advice and support.

Do you tell people what you do? 

Many people assume that their friends and family know what services and products they supply. Ask around, you’ll be surprised to learn many of them don’t. Make sure your nearest and dearest understand what you do and how you’re different to everyone else who does that. In addition, commit to talk about your business to two new people every single day.

Do you know who your clients are? 

You need to be aware how old they are, where they live and what they like doing in their free time. I’m not advising you to go full stalker but if you don’t know who you are looking for how can you tell them you are there?

Make sure you follow up. 

Millions of pounds are lost yearly by failure to follow up leads. It’s never too late, drop someone a line and ask if they ever found what they were looking for. You might be surprised!

Finally, actively participate online. 

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We see so many people who ‘use’ social media. In that they post the odd update but they don’t use it to talk to people. Get chatting! Click here to see our Instagram!

Make sure you can communicate the core aspects of your business in under a minute. This will not only help with the first bullet point on this list but will also mean you can close deals a hell of a lot faster.

Pitching to new clients is not just time consuming but can leave you feeling frustrated when nothing comes to fruition. Every moment you spend meeting or pitching to a new client is time spent away from working for current clients and earning money. 

If you find you are coming to close to getting a new contract on board but not actually meeting the point of close it may be that you are making one of the following mistakes.

Are you online?

When working with anyone, the clear majority of people will Google them and see if they are ranking. If you don’t appear in the first ten results they probably won’t see you, let alone be able to consider your goods or services. You need to invest your time into optimising your website. If you do not have the skillset to do this it would be wise to hire someone to do this for you. Click here to see our SEO services. 

Do you have case studies?

When a potential new client is deciding who to work with they will of course want to know what to expect. If you want to secure a new contract you should have proof of your work to show them. Create a portfolio of your past projects and organise them in a way that is easy to read. Click here to see some of our case studies. 

Do you sell your services or your value?

Put bluntly the reason that people decide not to work with you is they do not see your value which means you have not shown them what you can achieve.
Make sure that you clearly explain how they will benefit from using you. Will they save time? Reduce stress levels? Save money? Whatever it is you are offering they need to understand why you are the best.

I hope you have found this article interesting and it has aided you in acquiring more clients.
If it is not the securing but the finding of new contacts that is proving difficult then please do let us know and we will help you increase your client base within just three months.