Industries That Are Notoriously Difficult for PR and Marketing

Industries That Are Notoriously Difficult for PR and Marketing

When it comes to successful PR and marketing there many factors to consider. This ranges from target audience to what strategy to implement. One of the biggest considerations is what industry you are trying to market. Many industries can be very difficult to promote well, with established companies falling foul to poor strategies that haven’t been adapted to a industry relevant audience.

Our team here at VerriBerri specialise in adaptability and are able to market any industry. Over the last 10 years our team has successfully tackled many different industries. As a result we would like to share some of the more notoriously difficult industries we have come across.

Porn PR and Sex Toy PR.

The most taboo industry that you can come across is probably the sex and adult entertainment industry, it goes without saying that marketing porn and sex toys to the general public has its complications, with many online platforms limiting their exposure due to its taboo nature and age restrictions.

When it comes to porn PR it can be extremely difficult to create positive exposure on your own. Our recommendation would be to outsource to a professional porn PR and marketing agency like Adult PR.


The construction industry is booming and as a result competition to win work has never been harder. From self-employed tradesman to huge organisations taking on entire build projects, this industry is both vast and varied, making it confusing and difficult to market.

One of the most important things to do when tackling the PR and marketing in this industry is to lay down a well-planned strategy. Within this, ensure you outline your target audience and the best way to reach them. We would suggest contacting Construction PR, 


Business to business marketing is always hard to execute, the stereotypical example is probably cold calling and email marketing. These methods, unfortunately, seem to fall short in turning prospects to customers.

Instead of going for the standard outbound marketing approach, try looking at inbound and content marketing, that sees your company post engaging content that will be picked up by your target audience, making them come to you.

This we can help with! If you are struggling with PR and marketing for your industry contact our friendly team here at VerriBerri on 01376 386 850.