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With over 12 years’ experience, our Influencer marketing agency can safely say that we know this industry like the back of our hands. We understand the importance of choosing the right people to represent your brand or business and most importantly how choosing the wrong person can have a detrimental effect. 

Influencer Promotions

Promoting a brand through influencers is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to advertise via social media. An Influencer is considered anyone who has a large following and a strong engagement rate with their followers. These people then get gifted or paid to share products on their social accounts for their audience to see, and of course, buy! The name influencer comes from exactly what they do, they influence. This makes them a fantastic avenue to use for marketing. 

Types of Influencer Marketing

There are numerous ways you can advertise your brand by utilising an influencer marketing agency. Let’s take a closer look at this…

  • Gifting – Quite simply, it is what it says, you gift the influencer a product to advertise, which they will then link their audience to your website for them to purchase.
  • Affiliate Marketing – As part of your collaboration, you could choose to share an affiliate link. This means, when someone shops using this link, they will get a discount and the influencer will get a commission. Naturally this works as an incentive for the buyer and the influencer alike.
  • Brand ambassador – If you offer brand ambassadorship these individuals will become the face behind the brand. These people may also act as a spokesperson if contracted to do so. 
  • Paid collaborations – When an influencer grows to a particular level or has a certain number of followers, then can then begin asking for money in return for brand exposure. This method works well if their target audience also falls under yours too.

The history of influencers

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Quite surprisingly, influencer marketing has quite a history to it. Social media sites started in the late 90’s and are what initially caused this chain reaction. With users offering reviews on products, it quickly became clear that the best form of marketing was through recommendation. As many business owners would say, the best customers are the ones who come through word of mouth. 

Despite the history, influencers only really started to thrive in 2005, when YouTube was introduced to the world. This platform gave people the chance to share videos of them using products and brands. Intriguing viewers, this then meant more views and resulted in people subscribing to the channels that they found interesting and relevant to them. The more subscribers, the popular you become. Of course, this then sparked the demand from companies who saw a potential to advertise through this channel. 

2010 saw the rise in Instagram influencers and 2016 was the start of the TikTok era. People like to be on track with the latest trends, if all your friends are setting up Instagram accounts, let’s face it, you’re likely too as well! Social media has taken the world by storm with nearly everyone having easy access to it via their mobile phones. 

Choosing the right Influencer for your brand

Of course, one of the most important details of finding an Influencer to represent your brand is making sure they are relevant to your business and the industry you want to reach. You must bear in mind the followers they attract and if this also targets your desired audience. For example, if you are advertising a feminine piece of jewellery, you would not wish to use a male Influencer who specialises in fitness. Their expected target audience would not resonate with yours, making the whole process near on pointless for you. 

At our Influencer marketing agency, we have a wealth of knowledge in this area. We can advise our clients on the most suitable faces to represent you! After several years in this Industry, we have trusted and established connections with many Individuals, all of which have a variety of targeted audiences. 

Why Influencers are important in business? 

It’s safe to say that COVID has changed many businesses over the last 2 years. Many businesses had to establish an online presence, and quickly! In order to survive the difficult transformational change to companies, many brands took to using social media to drive traffic to their website. 

Influencers and socials go hand in hand, the relevance of using these content creators has never been more prevalent. They can help to drive sales to your business, not only this but they are trusted by their follower, meaning they would be more likely to purchase through a face they know and relate too. 

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At VerriBerri, although we specialise in many other areas of marketing. Influencer Marketing is certainly one that we are seeing a lot of demand for in recent years. With a decade of experience behind us and multiple awards under our belt, it’s safe to know we are a smart option for your business strategy. What’s more we have fantastic client retention, meaning, most clients who sign up with our influencer marketing agency, stay with us! Which speaks for itself.  

Marketing for Influencers

On the flip side, if you are an influencer who is looking for more exposure, we can help! We have spent years creating strong relations with our contacts in the Journalism industry. With our inside knowledge, we have the expertise to know what brands are about to take the business industry by storm. Working with our influencer marketing agency doesn’t just help to promote you, it works in both ways. We can help you to become more popular and build your following, while also helping to expose you to more brands looking to work with people in your industry. Either way the correct Influencer PR is vital to your success

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