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When people ask us what we do as an influencer PR agency, there’s no real short answer. All in all, we cover a huge range of areas and work with a variety of different clients. If one thing is for sure however, it’s that the impact influencers have on consumers has increased tenfold.

Based in Essex, we are a marketing agency specialising in all things public relations. Alongside this, we also cover SEO, event management, and social media to name a few examples. We’re an enthusiastic, friendly group of individuals simply erupting with creativity. We’re eager to get our teeth stuck into new projects and use our skillsets to the best of our abilities. If you’re a brand looking to utilise influencers for marketing or an influencer yourself, we have what it takes to bring unbelievable results. 

The History of Influencers

The invention of social media brought with it a new platform for people to get creative on. In September 2005, YouTube had its first 1 million-hit video. It may have been a Nike advert, but this sparked a chain reaction and people quickly started joining the platform. 

Lots of people started making videos in a time before you could earn money. However, this quickly diversified into a stream of revenue for them and people started ‘vlogging’ as their full-time job. Take PewDiePie for example. Starting 10 years ago, he now has over 108 million subscribers. Subsequently, his net worth is reported to be as high as $45 million. 

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Influencers then became populating other social media sites such as the likes of Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Whether you were a singer, dancer, chef, or model, these platforms were, and are, all accepting of your talents. As a result of this, people were gaining huge followings of people who were simply interested in their lives and what they do. The more content the public consume, the more they began to trust the opinions of these individuals. As such, when creators were to buy something, their audience are usually interested in buying it too and so on. It’s these events that led to a gap in the market for an influencer PR agency. 

What Our Customers Look Like

When discussing the work that we do, it’s important we cover the two different sides of influencer marketing. On one hand, we work with brands looking to utilise influencers for campaigns to their improve visibility and sales. On the other hand, we work with influencers directly who are looking to gain more press coverage and boost their popularity and revenue. 

PR for Influencers

Being an influencer PR agency, it’s our job to construct strong relationships with journalists. If we didn’t do this, we wouldn’t be able to do our job to our full potential. Without existing contacts in the field, it can be difficult to generate traction when it comes to press coverage. This is where we come into things and can help you as an influencer build your memorability.

The more people that see your face, naturally, the more familiar everyone becomes with you. Similarly, the more people you reach, the more chance you have of piquing their interest. This is why PR is such an important step in your journey towards growth. Quality publications have massive audiences that have the potential to reach every demographic there is. As I’m sure you can imagine, appearing in an article is going to be hugely beneficial for you as an influencer. 

As humans, we’re curious beings. The more someone see’s your face appearing in the content they read, the more interested they become. This interest then leads them into researching more on what you do. As a result of this, you’re going to see a rapid increase in followers. 

PR can have a massive knock-on effect and is a really effective tool for you as an individual. The more press coverage you get, the quicker you’ll grow. This will then lead to more brands reaching out to you and some potential huge collaboration projects coming your way. Coming full circle, this will promote your image, building loyalty and your income. 

PR for Brands

Going back to what we were saying before, people trust the opinions of these content creators. Often, they’re able to build relationships with their fans that are that of friends rather than strangers. This means that creators can have a huge impact over consumer behaviour and purchasing habits. If they’re seen to be promoting a product or service, their subscribers are going to want to get involved too. Obviously, this opportunity can be massive for brands and you’d be silly not to consider it. In order to work with said influencers however, you may need the help of an influencer PR agency. 

Most commonly, companies work with influencers by gifting them their products or collaborating with them in some way. This could include allowing them to have some creative direction on a new range that you’re bringing out. When working with influencers long term, you may even choose to make them an official ambassador for your brand. This means they are able to comment in the press and persuade more people to use your business.

In order to show just how big, the impact of influencer marketing can be, let’s look at an example. Morphe is a popular American makeup brand. A few years ago, they started working with famous creator James Charles on his own line of makeup products. This included items such as eyeshadow palettes. In return, it’s reported that Morphe were successful in selling over 900 units of one of James’ brush sets alone. This equalled over $130k in revenue.

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The bottom line is, whether you’re a brand on an influencer yourself, PR is the way forward. If what we’ve discussed sounds like what you’re missing, we would be more than happy to get involved. For more specific detail on what it is that we do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can do this by phoning the office on 01376 386 850 or clicking here.