Will an Integrated Marketing Agency benefit my business? Yes! And here’s why…

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Will an Integrated Marketing Agency benefit my business? Yes! And here’s why…

Marketing is an all-encompassing term. It covers an array of different methods and strategies, which brands can explore in order to bolster different aspects of their business. Here, an integrated marketing agency, like VerriBerri, can be a great help! Whether you’re utilising our graphic design team to update your branding, boosting your traffic and brand recognition through a PR campaign, or anything in between, we would be happy to help with any facet of marketing.

Being able to offer such a vast range of marketing-related services is obviously great for our clients, but also really exciting for us! Our team are constantly learning and refining their ever-developing craft, making each day a uniquely satisfying challenge. Read on to learn the main benefits of utilising a single agency.

Value for Money

From an idealistically poetic standpoint, you can’t put a price on a job well done. Realistically, however, everyone is limited by their budget and getting the best value for money is a priority. 

Let’s say you’re in need of three services. Social media management, some regular blog posts and a bit of graphic design work. Outsourcing this to three separate companies would be incredibly expensive, with each elevating their prices in order to push their main product. When opting for an integrated marketing agency, however, the accumulative price will almost certainly be cheaper than accepting the premium prices of three separate firms. 

It’s Much Easier!

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If you’re reading this blog, you may well be aware of how much of a faff jumping between agencies can be. Working with a specialist copywriter’s firm whilst emailing back and forth with a freelance graphic designer, before getting in touch with an SEO and PPC company… It doesn’t get much more exhausting than that, especially when you have a business to run alongside it! It’s far easier to utilise the services of a company that can provide a more focused, cohesive approach to your marketing.

Imagine a band that recorded each instrument and vocal track separately, before attempting to sync them all together. Sure, it might sound okay, but a band playing together will blow it out of the water every time! 

A Singular Vision

To build on the previous analogy, when a band is able to play together, the music will flow much more naturally. Different instruments will gel and a singular vision will be shared and ultimately acheived. The same can be said for the marketing efforts of an integrated marketing agency. 

Whether you’re all in the office or regularly catching up on a Zoom call, you will have the opportunity to iron out the kinks before they arise. Your marketing strategies will be smoother and more synergetic as your team of hired professionals workshop ideas between departments, ultimately streamlining your processes. With different departments working closely each day, they’re able to provide a much more holistic service to their clients. On top of this, you will have more time to spend on your business. This is because you won’t need to act as the middle man between multiple different marketing companies.

So… What Does VerriBerri Actually Offer?

Okay, so we’ve told you the reason why an integrated marketing agency is ideal, and these reasons speak for themself! Bu we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you what this kind of agency will typically contain…

Content Creators and Copywrites

Content writers are the lifeblood of any creative agency. To adapt and grow with an evolving business over time can be extremely difficult. At VerriBerri, long-term client/agency relationships are our favourite! We love to work closely with out clients to understand what makes their brand unique at it’s very core. From here, we’re able to apply those ideals to the voice that reaches the press, regardless of any superficial changes to it’s tone.

Graphic Designers

Whether you’re after a logo or complete overhaul of your brand identity, a graphic designer will be able to help. Our graphic designers understand the psychological impact that visuals can have on a potential customer. With that in mind, they’re able to combine their analytical precision and artistic flair to create something genuinely emotionally affecting. 

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Have you noticed the bias that a content writer has told you that content writers are the lifeblood of a creative agency? Whilst that is, of course, true, it’s worth noting that an integrated marketing agency doesn’t have a single shining light. Our strength comes from our versatility. Just as a writer can adapt their style of writing to match the voice of the business, a graphic designer’s ability to adapt their creative style is an equally impressive feat.

Social Media Managers

In recent years, social media departments have undoubtedly seen the biggest growth across the globe’s marketing agencies. What started out as a minor offshoot of a business’ marketing strategy has very quickly evolved into the major focus for countless clients. 

These days, huge platforms like Facebook, Instagram and the flourishing newcomer, TikTok, have a correspondingly huge part to play in shaping a brand’s image, as well as it’s successes! Social media is here to stay and businesses, big or small, need to jump on board, whether they like it or not.

VerriBerri’s social media team manage and oversee various social media accounts across a wide range of clients. We create and schedule content, whilst developing further strategies for social media growth. You can even find several influencers within our ranks!

Public Relations Executives

Finally, we would just like to leave you with a brief run-down of what our PR team does day-to-day. This certainly isn’t a first for us as many are blissfully unaware of what PR entails. 

To keep it short, our PR managers and executives work on behalf of the client. This is to secure them opportunities that will help them to communicate with the public. They may have a specific message they would like to preach. Or, simply increase brand awareness and display their expertise to potential customers. Either way, articles, interviews, podcasts, or anything else that allows a brand to interact with the wider world falls under a PR professionals remit. The trick is ensuring the coverage comes at no extra cost…

Contact Us!

Far more than a single discipline; marketing is a broad spectrum of services that complement each other best when explored together. So, if you would like to find out more about how our integrated marketing agency can bolster your business, please get in touch! You can contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850.