The Benefits Of Utilising An Integrated Marketing Agency

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The Benefits Of Utilising An Integrated Marketing Agency

When it comes to their marketing, brands require various different aspects. Perhaps you want to boost your traffic through paid advertising, or maybe on the other hand you’re unhappy with your branding and logo and want something fresher? Whatever facet of marketing you’re looking for – and there are many – shopping around for various services can be overwhelming. That’s why working with an integrated marketing agency is so beneficial.

Here at VerriBerri, we act as an entirely integrated marketing agency; that’s to say, we offer a whole range of different marketing-related services all under one roof, in-house. We wanted to talk through some of the main benefits of utilising one singular agency as opposed to chopping and changing per the service that’s required.


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By using an integrated marketing agency such as ours, you’ll almost certainly get better value for money than you would otherwise. Say you’re getting three of our services – some graphic design work, some blog posts and some social media management. If you outsourced those to three separate companies, you’d get each (understandably) offering an elevated price as they push their main product.

By going with a firm like ours, you’re in essence going for one singular product (despite encompassing those same services). Although the overall price might be higher, we’d wager it’ll still come out as cheaper than the cumulative total of three separate firms pushing their premium prices at you!

It’s Easier!

Have you ever tried switching bank? It’s such a faff! Whilst going from specialist agency to specialist agency might not be quite such a nightmare, the point remains the same. Why go to a freelance graphic designer, followed by a specialist copywriter’s firm and then finally over to an SEO and PPC company when you can get it all from one company? It makes your life much easier and it provides a more cohesive and focused direction towards your company’s marketing.

Think of it as a band playing together in person rather than individually recording, then putting them together after. With the former, you’ve got everybody singing from the same hymn sheet, so to speak. The latter, however, whilst isn’t impossible, is just a lot of extra work and doesn’t quite gel properly.

Singularity of Vision

When you’ve got everyone together in the same office (or in the same Teams meeting in recent times…) then you can iron out kinks before they become kinks, workshop ideas together and streamline your processes. It’s smoother and it’s more synergetic. You’re getting different departments working closely with one another every day, and providing a more holistic management to clients.

Our Departments

Enough, though, about the reasons why you should use an integrated marketing agency, what does your typical one actually contain?

Content Creators/Copywriters

The lifeblood of any creative agency is its content writers. To capture a brand’s tone of voice is one thing. To adapt and grow with it as a business evolves over time is quite another. At VerriBerri, for instance, we very much put an emphasis on long-term client-agency relationships. That means understanding the very core of what makes a brand unique, and applying those ideals into its tone of voice, no matter how it might change superficially.

Graphic Designers

Combining artistic flair with analytical precision, graphic designers can elevate colours and lines into something genuinely emotionally affecting. Whether it’s a series of graphics, a new logo, or just a general brand identity, these creative types understand the psychological impact that visually appealing and clever resources can have on a customer. You’ll have noticed the bias, before, when unsurprisingly a content creator proffered the opinion that content creators are the lifeblood…

Marketing consultant

Whilst we don’t think that’s untrue, the reality – though it pains me to say it – is that there is no one shining light in an integrated marketing agency, its strength comes from its versatility. Seeing a graphic designer adapt their creative style, just as a writer does their style of writing, is an impressive feat, and we’re proud to house designers who can do it seamlessly.

Social Media Managers

Over recent years, the biggest growth for marketing agencies across the globe has undoubtedly been within their social media departments. What, for many, started out as an offshoot – a little extra that was exactly that, an extra – is now the major focus for many clients. Companies understand the role that major platforms like InstagramFacebook and, increasingly, TikTok, have to play in shaping not only their brand’s image, but their successes, as well. Whether companies like it or not, the wider societal trend is that social media is here to stay, and it can mean big business.

Our social media managers and executives will manage and oversee a client’s various accounts, both create and schedule the content, and head up the strategy for overall social media growth. We’ve even got a couple of influencers within our own ranks!

PR Executives

We’re not here to discuss the debate as to whether PR falls under marketing or not (though, of course, it does) – that’s for another time. We’re here mainly to explain what our PR team does, day to day, as many people are still blissfully unaware as to what is PR (or Public Relations) actually entails. In brief, PR professionals work on a client’s behalf in order to secure them opportunities within the public sphere, be that articles, interviews, podcasts or anything else in which a brand might interact with the wider world.

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Marketing is far more than one discipline; it’s a broad and multi-faceted collection of disciplines and, in our view at least, should be treated as such. Processes working in conjunction with one another, rather than in any kind of isolated fashion. So, if you’d like to find out more about our integrated marketing agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850 or by emailing us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you – we’ll even supply the biscuits, at an appropriate distance, of course!