Jewellery brand marketing advice

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Jewellery brand marketing advice

Jewellery brand marketing. 

The jewellery industry has grown exponentially over the last decade. More often than not their success is due to mastered jewellery brand marketing techniques and the use of social media. Whilst you may only need a small amount of resources to begin a passion project or your dream business; growing this into something larger may take more insight, time and skill than you think. 

Utilising Social Media In The Right Way. 

Platforms such as Instagram have enabled small businesses to raise their brand awareness and reach new heights. However, social media needs to be carried out effectively in order to ensure a return on investment. Jewellery is an extremely visual product and so it’s vital that you use high quality imagery and user generated content to show followers how they could style pieces. Posting often and consistent engagement tactics from your account will enable you to grow your following, spread your brand message and increase profit. Time is the most important part of this process and as a business owner, you won’t have much to spare. VerriBerri can allocate hours each week to keep your platforms running and your following growing. 

The Use Of Influencers In Your Jewellery Brand Marketing. 

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The influencer industry has completely transformed buying habits across the globe. No longer do people reach for their weekly fashion magazine to provide outfit inspiration, instead they will refresh their Instagram feed to their hearts content, hoping for the next big fashion statement or the perfect pair of hoops to pop out on the screen. By creating connections in the industry, you will enable your brand to reach thousands (even millions). Choosing the right influencer or brand ambassador for your image is extremely important, however. Research is key and payment is in some cases necessary. You want to ensure the curator you’re working with creates engaging content that their followers will essentially buy into. Trust is an important element to this entire process and after years of experience, VerriBerri are able to provide reassurance to our clients that we will work with the right influencers for their business.

Building a Loyal Customer Base. 

Increased data protection measures (GDPR) have made the process of building a customer base, extremely hard. It is, however, important to do what you can in order to create connections with loyal customers. Encourage those that are making a purchase to sign up for new releases and offers. Sending out newsletters on a weekly basis will help to build rapport for those that are willing to support your brand. Talk about how to style certain items of your collection, update customers on new products and offer discount codes to entice purchases. If you have all the ideas but can’t seem to put everything together, VerriBerri can help turn your vision into reality. A spot of graphic design and some new imagery will transform your newsletters into engaging articles for your readers. 

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