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Kids Fashion PR Agencies

What Do Kids Fashion PR Agencies Offer My Brand?

So, you’re a fashion brand specialising in kidswear; and you’re struggling to make an impact on a market already bulging at saturation point. You know that the clothes you offer are good, objectively speaking. You went and carried out extensive focus groups across key demographics and they confirmed this. But still you struggle for any kind of traction within the industry beyond the odd good day of sales. Why is this? It’s a question that’s asked across many an industry, and usually the answer lies e in the realms of exposure.

In most instances, you’re simply not getting enough of it. No one is going to buy from your brand if no one even knows your brand exists. That’s where PR comes in very, very handy. VerriBerri are one of the leading kids fashion PR agencies in England, with over a decade of industry experience. The team here wanted to explain in a little more detail the benefits and perks of properly utilising PR.

Brand New, Brand Who?

If you’re entering the market for the first time, you’re at a distinct disadvantage when compared with your other, better-established competitors. These industry heavy hitters are often flat-track bullies behind their veneer of cutesy kidswear, and they won’t want to see you hang around.

It’s a hard truth, but one that can actually be used to your advantage. The underdog approach can often be very beneficial when it comes to brand marketing. After all, everybody loves an underdog, especially the British! Market your kids clothing as being made with the care that youngsters deserve; and not simply another ugly, corporate monolith churning out clothes for profit, and profit only.

This can then be tied into your PR team’s pitching approach. Kids fashion PR agencies will send out and pitch your clothes brand to journalists as the plucky newcomer, new to the game, but bringing quality and care that no other brand does. They will make your brand stand out as the one kidswear brand to take notice of, the one that’s making waves.

Anything For My Little Darling

PR for kids

Parents famously spoil their children rotten, we’ve almost certainly all been guilty of it at some point or other! In fact, back in 2018, a study found that British parents spend £2,400 a year, on average, keeping their children entertained. (That could be meals out, trips to the cinema, and purchasing books, toys, or video games). With that in mind, focus on getting the kids seeing the clothes, as much as you do the parents. If the youngsters see something they want, they’ll nag tooth and nail until they get it. Even the most stubborn of parents won’t be able to resist puppy eyes!

Something that kids fashion PR agencies will be able to do; is pitch to kids’ magazines and young adult websites as well as the more standard publications. This gives your clothing a much greater chance of being seen by the target audience. (Especially given from how young children now typically have access to the internet through a smartphone or tablet.) This increased exposure drastically improves your chances of establishing a solid foundation with regards to brand recognition.

Fashion And Trends

The words fashion and trends can almost be used interchangeably, they’re pretty much one and the same thing. In no other industry does the word trend get used so much as it does in the world of fashion. Kids fashion PR agencies are experts on keeping on top of all the latest trends. They’ll extract all the useful information from them, and relay back to your brand only those they think have a chance of gathering any real sort of momentum in the coming months. Many brands falter because they think they’ve been clever in backing a trend that no one else has thought to look into.

Well, there’s usually a reason those trends have been left alone… The point is, it’s difficult to know what sort of industry movements you should be looking at if you’re not used to it. The PR team will not only capitalise upon these trends, they’ll show you what you should be looking for, so that in time the whole process becomes much more inclusive and collaborative.

Target The Market From Multiple Directions

Leave the market no choice but to acknowledge you as a key player within the game. You do this by targeting the industry from various directions. PR is fantastic, yes, but it’s best used in conjunction with forms of marketing such as social media marketing and SEO work. This overarching approach helps you cast a wide net over the industry and helps to bring in custom from all areas. This model of approach also stands your brand in better stead moving forward. It’s an approach which oozes sustainability and longevity, something which is vital in such a hard-to-survive industry.

VerriBerri kids PR

Kids fashion PR agencies often also have marketing teams in-house as standard. Having it all done under one roof keeps channels of communication prompt and efficient, helps with the bouncing of ideas and fosters a much stronger and buoyant team spirit to your brand’s project. The best brands are those who work together in as strong a team as is physically possible.

There’s so much more to running a successful kidswear brand than simply putting out a cute looking romper suit or pair of light-up go-faster trainers that catch the eye. Don’t be fooled, the kidswear market is as competitive and brutal as any other out there, and you need to be prepared for that and get used to it. If you’d like to find out more about how kids fashion PR agencies could help your brand take off, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’re really excited to see what direction you’re looking to take your brand in!