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Building Your Brand With Our Kids Fashion PR Agency

With so many kids fashion brands out there, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, it often seems to be the case that whoever shouts loudest gets heard. Bigger brands who have the money to throw at their marketing look to claim a monopoly on the market. That’s why medium and smaller sized kids fashion brands have to take a smarter approach to their marketing. Without a pro-active, more lateral approach, you may find yourself being drowned out by bigger competitors. That’s where a kids fashion PR agency comes in. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading PR agency based in Essex; wanted to look at how to make your fashion brand stand out in 2020, and beyond.

Kids Fashion Holds More Opportunity Than Ever Before

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Right through from 0-18 years old, there are opportunities available for a kids fashion brand. Younger people, who have traditionally always had something of an interest in fashion, are becoming increasingly involved. If not the children, themselves, then parents often want their babies and toddlers to look as cute and cherubic as possible! Even the most cursory of scrolls through Instagram will reveal just how big an interest there is in baby and toddler fashion.

There are also more ways than ever before in which you can market your fashion brand. Social media, in its various iterations, is one such way, and it provides unprecedented opportunities for brand growth. It also makes engaging with customers much easier, something which is valued particularly by the mummy bloggerdemographic. Why is this trait so valued in the kids fashion industry? Trustworthiness takes on an elevated importance. When kids are involved, people understandably worry more about whether or not they can trust a brand. At our kids fashion PR agency, we have social media account managers with great experience with kids brands – ready to take the reins of your brand’s socials, to help it grow and free up your time.

Keeping Compliant, Keeping Ethical

One of the biggest difficulties of any brand that works with children, whether in the fashion industry or not, is compliance. At the forefront of any children’s fashion brand has to be the welfare and safeguarding of the demographic who you’re targeting. There’s no debate there, it must inform and drive every decision you make as a company. In our experience as a kids fashion PR agency, we’ve seen brands come and go in an instant because they’ve cut corners.

The ones who survive, unsurprisingly, are those that go above and beyond to protect, rather than putting the money first. As an agency, our levels of compliance correspond to that of those top, trustworthy brands – because it has to. If you’re the kind of brand we like to work with, the sort who are transparent and visible with regards to their codes of conduct and ethical policies, then we can help showcase this through our PR coverage.

Collaboration Across The Nation

Another opportunity that social media has brought with it is collaboration. Even by doing some simple maths, you can calculate the added value that collaborations can offer. If your brand account has 10k followers, let’s say, and you secure a collaboration with an influencer with 100k followers, then your brand is potentially reaching an additional 100,000 users. That’s not something that can be sniffed at. Now, of course, collaborations of this scale are hard to secure but it gives you a sense of how they can help. The kind of collaboration that you aim for is, indeed, important. Social media users are growing increasingly sceptical of the truly giant influencers and their advertorial collaborations. What we tend to advocate, here at VerriBerri, is securing collaborations with smaller-scale influencers who have a genuinely loyal following that take stock of what they say.

PR Unlocks Opportunity

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Many people find themselves confused as to what PR is. In a nutshell, PR revolves around securing a brand coverage in a publication. These publications and media outlets take many different forms, but the central theme is that of getting your brand out there and raising brand awareness. Without a PR team, you may be able to access some local magazines or newspapers, though probably not much more. With a PR team, however, the option of national media publications becomes available to your brand. This is when your brand can begin to tap into real growth; with PR, your clothing ranges will become available and known by a much broader, far-reaching audience, whereas previously you may have only sold locally.

PR executives can secure articles and editorials in both industry-driven B2B publications, as well as mainstream B2C magazines. In our experience, the wealth of contacts that a PR team possesses proves invaluable to brands. Doorways open to you which you would never even have considered viable options beforehand. With a PR team, there’s also additional bonuses beyond simply securing articles (I say ‘simply’, but that in itself is an immensely skilful discipline). PR teams are well-versed in crisis management. This is something which kids brands are more prone to because of the reasons we outlined above. Moreover, these teams know how to handle events. The world of children’s fashion is one full of events, and having a team who can expertly manage them is a real asset for a brand.

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Style will always be subjective, meaning that there’s always going to be the room for marketing. With something like fashion, you can always find a way to make an imprint with avenues like PR. Your reputation and brand can be amplified by exposure, allowing your clothing to be that which people talk about. So, if you’d like to find out more about our kids fashion PR agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d be very interested in hearing what your children’s clothing brand has to offer. We’re always looking for new opportunities to work together!