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Kids marketing agency

VerriBerri are a multi award winning integrated agency specialising in kids marketing. Although the core principles of marketing haven’t altered much over the years, technology is continuously progressing. 

When you work with an agency you need to be sure you have a partnership with people who not only understand your business but know how to engage with your target audience.

kids marketing agency

VerriBerri are known as experts in marketing to children, teens, and parents in an effective and ethical manner, with company experience of eleven years and combined involvement of much, much longer. Our team is made up of parents, marketing experts, PR professionals and psychologists. This means your brand benefits from a variety of expertise and an all-encompassing knowledge base. As a result, our clients enjoy some of the best results, always meeting their expectations, usually exceeding them. 

From baby food to clothing and toys; we work with products, tech, schools, and much more. Our team are based just outside of London, in Essex, but our kids marketing expertise is used by clients across the UK and in the USA. 

Working to a wide range of budgets, harnessing creativity is what we love. We develop innovative campaigns that hit home, engaging with your audience and converting into sales. 

Our kids marketing agency services include:

Social media

kids PR

Social media marketing for kids is an excellent tool. Platforms are accessed by parents and children alike, so depending on your demographic you have a captive audience. Significantly more parents shop online (46%) than those that are child free (23%). According to research, 86% of dads turn to YouTube for help with anything child related; including what items to buy. 97% of parents report that social media is helpful when parenting and making associated decisions. 

You need to bear in mind that millennials account for 50% of parents in 2020. These people have grown up with social media which means they trust it’s advice. They are almost all using social platforms too so it’s an easy audience to attract. That being said, they are also the savviest users out there. You can’t lie to them; they can sniff out a fake story a mile off! 

Platforms can be segregated to some extent too. For example, TikTok is generally for under 18’s, Pinterest attracts women, Reddit is for the 18-30 age bracket and everyone loves Instagram. Obviously, this is very general advice so when you are working with a kids marketing agency, they will establish a considered approach to your campaigns. 


Everyone wants to rank top of search engines like Google to sell their product or service. It’s probably how you found this blog! No matter what you are selling, the chances are that people will ‘Google it’ if they want to buy it. 

Brands that have never considered this method of marketing before are now realising its worth. SEO for schools, for example, is experiencing an upsurge in interest. As a result, terminology like SEO and PPC are no longer completely alien and people have at least some understanding. In the long run, SEO almost always outweighs PPC, but our kids marketing agency does both. Click here to read about SEO and how we can help. 


design agency for kids brands

If you need a kids marketing design agency, VerriBerri can help! From graphics for social media to rebrands our team have a wealth of experience. 

We make brands stronger with our unique design, insight, and innovation. Our design team look at your brand identity and see how we can make people fall in love with your concept all over again. We don’t need to tell you how good we are. Just look at the graphics on this page and see for yourself. To make things even more appealing, we don’t change the earth for beautiful design. We believe every brand deserves the best. 


PR for children’s brands is a unique skill which we are proud to have a proven track record of. We make things happen and your brand is guaranteed to stand out when you work with us. We are proactive, and as our tagline says, full of fresh ideas. 

Our eleven years as an agency has afforded us the luxury of a huge list of journalists and editors’ details which we use to leverage our client’s exposure whilst providing value to the media outlet in question. Whether you are looking for a one-off project or an ongoing relationship, we can help you. Just click here to read more about our PR department.


If you are launching a new product or just new to the market, what better way to let people know than an event! From influencers to the media we have the contacts you will need to get your brand not just off the ground but flying sky high. Ask us about our JoJo Siwa ‘Be You’ campaign. 

If you are interested, why not get in touch? You can call us on 01376386850 or click here to fill out our contact form. We offer a no obligation proposal, which is created bespoke to your company and its goals.