Kids marketing agency


Kids marketing agency

Why A Kids Marketing Agency Is What Your Family Brand Needs.

If you’re a brand within the kids or family industry; then you need a kids marketing agency to further your business growth. Kids’ brands are, by their very nature, incredibly creative. The imagination of a child is unparalleled and as a result, there are few industries where brands have so much freedom to be creative and playful.

VerriBerri are a marketing agency who focus on family brands. With over a decade in the industry, we’ve learnt the ins and outs of what makes a kids brand succeed. Below, we’ve outlined just what it takes to help your brand grow into something that children and families everywhere will love.

A Content Team Going Full Steam Ahead

The content team of a kids marketing agency is a truly vibrant environment. Featuring content creators, social media managers, graphic designers and many more varied creative roles; the content team work in unison to output as much creativity as is humanly possible.

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We’ve talked about how kids and family brands afford maximum playfulness when it comes to marketing; a content team will take your key themes, ideas and concepts, and mould them into something wonderful. They will capture the essence of what your brand stands for; they’ll touch on those magical, imaginative ideas that only a child’s mind can entertain.

Content teams will curate bespoke marketing campaigns for your brand that will elevate it to the standard it needs to thrive. A marketing agency’s biggest strength is its creativity in collaboration. Strength that stems from a complete working harmony. The best ideas, the very best strategies and campaigns, they all come from working together. They come from bouncing ideas off one another, and pushing each other’s standards; in a marketing agency, the content team are always raising the bar higher.

Understanding Social Media Guidelines

You enter a minefield of regulations as soon as you start to advertise anything that features someone under the age of eighteen; and rightly so in our opinion. The safety and wellbeing of any child involved with your brand is of paramount importance. You should never look to cut any corners in this regard. That being said, unless you’re a social media expert; it can be hard to know what’s the right way of going about things with regards to elements like permissions.

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With a kids marketing agency managing your accounts, you won’t have to worry about any of the content. They’ll secure any relevant permissions and never compromise on the safeguarding of minors who are involved. After all, no amount of money or profit ever comes close to the importance of a child’s online safety.

An agency will also be able to manage all your social media platforms; scheduling bespoke content and targeting specific demographics with the appropriate hashtags. This will help your online presence to grow massively; by accruing a larger number of followers, it naturally follows that you’ll be reaching a much wider pool of people. An agency will also provide your campaigns with the consistency they need to ensure growth is maintained, rather than sporadic and unstable.

An Agency Can Target Events & Education

The kids sector offers a plethora of opportunities to market your brand. Two of the main areas being schools and family events. Getting your brand into local schools is a great way of being seen by your key demographic audience. Not only that, but you’re getting a large level of exposure.

The same goes for events. Family days out at local tourist attractions, for example, are one of the best ways of making an impression locally. Digital and print marketing are great, of course, but there’s no substitute for face-to-face human interaction. It is in person that you can fully get across the heart of your service. A marketing agency can secure you opportunities by reaching out to the local schools’ network and tourism attractions that host events. An agency will even run custom-made events specifically on behalf of your brand, and manage the entire process from start to finish.

The Versatility Of A Kids Marketing Agency

One of the other benefits of an agency like VerriBerri’s, is the versatility. Many marketing agencies are something of a one trick pony. However, with a kids marketing agency this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Because kids marketing can range from babies all the way through to parents; there’s a huge scope for variety in your marketing. Your marketing strategies need to be entirely adaptable dependent on the demographic you’re aiming at.

With an industry that is so intrinsically linked with the idea of growing up, this also presents massive marketing opportunities. Your marketing can grow as your audience does, constantly tweaked to suit their constantly evolving tastes as they grow.

A perennial danger of any brand involved with children is how fickle they are. We all remember the toys as children that took the school playground by storm. For example; The trading cards that were all the rage for just a few months. An agency is able to discern what trends are more likely to stick around, and which ones will be more likely be flashes in the pan.

Children’s marketing is colourful, fun and full of awe and wonder. It has garnered a bad reputation as being exploitative of children, however it can most definitely be done ethically if you use the right marketing agency; an agency that really wants to help children rather than solely make financial gain from them.

If you feel that you have a brand with a distinctive voice, but a voice that isn’t being heard, then an agency might be the perfect fit for your company. If you’d like to find out more about our kids marketing agency, then why not get in touch! Call us today on 01376 386850 for a no-obligations chat!