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kids marketing agency

Kids marketing agency

The imagination and creativity of children can be electrifying; with seemingly untapped new ideas and revelations. Trying to find the right kids marketing agency to capture this imaginative energy for your brand is difficult. At VerriBerri, we have the expertise to offer high level services for your family brand.

About VerriBerri

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VerriBerri is a full-service marketing agency based in Maldon, Essex. we work with clients across the globe. Our team has over a decade of experience in marketing & PR, offering both under the same roof. Through our team, we offer a multitude of services including social media, SEO, branding, PR and event organisation. Creating a bespoke marketing strategy for your children’s brand is the only way of gaining a tremendous amount of success. Over the years, we’ve learned everything you need to know to make your family brand successful within the industry.

Why Your Brand Needs a Kids Marketing Agency

Working with a kids marketing agency relieves the immense pressure.. Tapping into the knowledge and expertise of an agency will help speed up success. The rules and regulations you will encounter whilst trying to market can be confusing at the best of times; so working with an agency helps. We can handle the tricky elements which will save you countless hours. Time is worth more than anything else and allows you to focus on running your business.

Types of Kids Marketing: Social Media, SEO, Branding, PR, Events

Social Media

One of the most powerful avenues for kids marketing is social media, but it can be tricky. Initially, you will struggle to grow a following. Further to this; you’ll encounter a barrage of rules and regulations that ensure the safety and wellbeing of any children featured in your campaigns. These regulations are there for all the right reasons but can seem discouraging at first.

Back in 2017, Ofcom reported that 28% of 10-year-olds had social media profiles. Now we’re in 2020 that number has probably increased further. It goes without saying, you must make sure the content that you promote is child friendly. It needs to be visible on child-protected platforms such as YouTube Kids. But it won’t just be the kids who are viewing the products, their parents need to be considered as well! Making an exciting product and promoting it in a way which will inspire a child won’t do anything if you can’t convince the parents to make the purchase.


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Have you built a great website perfect for your product? Excellent! Have you considered SEO? You haven’t? Well, it’s a common mistake for a new business.

The term SEO has been coined to explain the process of getting your website seen on search engines like Google. If you never consider the SEO of your site and don’t play by the rules of the various algorithms; you’ll never be seen online without a hefty advertising budget.

One of the best ways to increase your SEO value is by writing blogs on your site! These should be focused on certain keywords, like “Kids Marketing Agency”, for example. As well as writing blogs, you can also create “tags” that are filled with content. These tags are hidden away from users, but are crawled by Google for relevant information to see if your website is relevant to the user’s search query. A slightly different example of tagging is adding “Alt text” tags to images. This allows the images to be described on your site, so if somebody is searching for images then yours can appear in their search. 


Branding is everything when it comes to creating a product targeted at kids. With their seemingly boundless imagination, they latch onto ideas and run with them until they hit the next phase. That’s why it is important to have unique and recognisable branding which will help your product become a sensation. Analysing your product and the audience it has is one of the first steps to take when deciding on branding.

One of the things that can be explored with a kids marketing agency is focus groups. Using focus groups made up of your target audience is a great way to see what works and what doesn’t work. A healthy amount of competitor research goes a long way with branding as well, you can see the current trends in your sector and decide whether you can improve on them, want to follow them, or set new trends of your own. 


We now enter the magical world of PR! It seems quite daunting at first glance, seeing a product in a magazine, you have to wonder how it got there. Through effective PR, you can secure yourself the right exposure to the world through an almost endless supply of publications who want the content to fill their pages, physical or digital. Partnering your product up with a story of its creation, or how it can help somebody, is the best way to get featured in publications.

As well as traditional publications, you can also target influencers through PR to put your product in their hands to reach their audiences. It is a relatively new way of handling marketing for kids brands, but if you were to have your product featured on a show like “Ryan’s World”, the kids toy review channel with over 24 million subscribers, then you can have your product reach a massive audience. Of course, it isn’t that easy to just hand your product over and receive sales, but a talented agency can make it easy for you.


Organising events centred around your brand, or featuring at exhibitions, is a great way to conduct face-to-face marketing for your brand. If you have a new product you’re launching, make sure to secure an interesting venue and host a party! You can invite influencers, press, family and friends to the event to have a good time, where your product just so happens be featured.

Another great way of promoting yourself through events is to secure a booth at an exhibition show. Shows like the Toy Fair are great for exhibiting new products to possible distributors of the product. Again, a booth at a show is where you can make a great first impression on the industry by coming up with a unique and exciting booth that captures the image of your brand and lets people know you are ready to be the new stars of the market!

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