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Kids Marketing Agency

Here at our kids marketing agency, we are specialists when it comes to selling to younger audiences. We work alongside companies to bring their brands to life no matter what angle of marketing they want to pursue. Our 11 years of expertise means we have plenty of knowledge in each sector of the industry and we’re confident in the results we deliver. 

Why Marketing to Kids is Harder Than You First Thought

When you’re a child and have little knowledge surrounding the concept of money, you want everything you see. Bright colours are like a magnet for young eyes. Where companies often go wrong is by getting too comfortable with marketing their product purely to children. It is understandable how people get caught in this trap because ultimately, they are your consumer. However, our kids marketing agency know that for a marketing campaign to be successful, this industry requires a two-tiered approach at all times.

When selling to children, you also need to sell to their parents. Think about it. Whether they are babies or teenagers, parents will always have some sort of impact on their opinions meaning it is important to consider them too. They’ll probably even be the ones buying it, let’s be honest.

Marketing to Young Children

When marketing to young children, you’re reaching into a heavily parent-led market. Without the ability to buy things themselves, parents want to know that your product is worth the money. It’s for this reason that there is much more to marketing than just pretty colours. What’s more, when it comes to marketing baby products, your approach has to be completely angled towards the parents. When looking closely at the types of marketing you should be engaging with, you should be considering PR, social media, and your website. 

kids PR

With regards to PR, our kids marketing agency have access to both national and international contacts. Appearing in industry specific media is great but often, you need to be hitting mainstream media too. Having articles in magazines or being interviewed on TV is likely to give you a wider reach. Not all parents read magazines specific to children, but they may however pick up the paper or scroll through their online news feed. 

Featuring in children targeted magazines is also a great way to drum up sales. Making your product look eye-catching and fun is going to make any child ask their parents for what you sell. 

Social media works for a wide range of industries and the children’s sector is no exception. Although kids themselves may not use it, parents do. Many social media platforms collect data based on the types of content you engage with best. It then shows you more of that type of content specifically to keep you scrolling. This is great for businesses trying to market their product on social media purely because it will be suggesting your posts to the correct market. Not only will this start a conversation about your brand or product, but it will also increase traffic to your website. More website traffic then equals more sales. 

In this day and age, every company should have a website. Making it look fun and attractive to customers however can be hard. This is where the two-tiered approach comes into play. Not only have you got to make your product/service look vibrant but you also need for it to appeal to adults so they can gain trust in your brand. 

Marketing to Older Children

Marketing to children in the 5-12 age range is often easier. At this age they are able to make their own decisions. If your product follows specific trends or is a completely new concept altogether, you are bound to do well. It’s within this age bracket that our kids marketing agency has found children become much more aware of trends. Being of a school age, they often want whatever products their friends have which is a great sales tactic. Despite word of mouth being a free marketing stream, you should also be considering social media and product placement.

Similar to before, social media is a great way for parents to find out more about a product their child has said they want. Keeping your feed up to date is crucial if you want your brand to come across as trustworthy. Continuing on, the higher end of this age range may even have access to social media themselves. It sounds crazy I know but the age at which people gain access to these platforms is getting lower and lower. Even if they don’t have their own account, they may have access to their parents account. 

Appearing on TV can be massive for your brand. This is why product placement is an important marketing strategy for you to consider. When you’re this age, you are heavily influenced by those around you. Older children often look up to their favourite characters in television programmes and can even aspire to be them. This is where placing your product on-screen can be highly beneficial for your brand. 

Marketing to Teenagers

Not only do teenagers have the capability to make up their own mind, they also have access to their own money. Although older children may have access to pocket money; teenagers have much more freedom with what they spend it on. (Especially if they have their own job.) Despite this, there is still a parental influence (be it much looser) on how they spend their money. Encompassing all of the types of marketing we have mentioned previously, marketing to teenagers has a much wider stream of avenues to pursue. 

Product placement is equally as effective here. The only difference is the type of genres you are appearing in. The same with PR, you may look to feature more so in older magazines or even the news. You may even consider using digital PR and influencer-led marketing. 

Social media is massive in young adults. Whether they’re on the bus, in a lesson, or just relaxing at home; social media plays a massive part in their everyday lives. It’s here that marketing is likely to be the most successful. Most platforms allow you to promote your posts to certain audiences and although this can become expensive, when done properly it can give a great ROI.

Finally, Google is your best friend. Whether it’s to buy your product, look for reviews or just to learn more about a brand, everyone uses Google. You may even need to look into improving your SEO if your Google ranking isn’t that great. Being the first person to appear at the top of a search when someone enters key words relating to your business can be massive. 

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No matter your product, marketing in every variety is time consuming. What’s more, coming up with fresh ideas for marketing can be near-on impossible sometimes. Getting a kids marketing agency like ours involved in your marketing strategy brings in a whole range of new ideas and possibilities making your life much easier. 

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