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Kids marketing agency blog. – Is it time to turn your dream of setting up a children’s brand into a reality? Or perhaps 2021 will be the year you turn your hobby business into something that makes you a serious income!

Our kids marketing agency want to help you to kick start this big adventure with some tips for marketing children’s brands.

1. Listen to What The Kids Want– Children enjoy the simple pleasures in life; from technology to painting and craft. However, if there are just two things we know is always true of teens; it’s they love music and don’t have much money. If you want to reach teenagers when marketing your brand or service; try advertising on free music platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Spotify and Pandora. This is where they are most likely to be.

2. Get Them Involved. – If advertising isn’t working, then it’s time to hit the road and bring your products along with you! Whether it’s fares, local schools or shopping centres across the country; give the younger generation a chance to experience your products first hand. (At a social distance of course!)

3. Keep it short. – With Twitter giving you just 280 characters to play with and living life through images on Instagram; older kids have extremely short attention spans, especially compared to adults. If you want to capture their attention, use pictures and graphics to help really communicate effectively.

4. Target Unconventional Social Networks– How often do you see kids complaining about their lives on Facebook and Twitter? Not often at all? That’s because newer social media platforms likeTikTok, Instagram and Snapchat have taken over as the main network for younger audiences.

5. Post Relatable and Relevant Videos– Did you know 100million hours of video are watched on Facebook a day? With 94% of social users falling under the teenager category (12 – 17); you’re missing out on important opportunities to raise awareness of your brand through the medium of video. It’s cheaper than paying out for TV and kids will start sharing your video if it catches their attention.

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At VerriBerri, we know quite a bit about marketing kid`s brands and children’s PR. This industry is one that can be easily adapted to include youngsters of all ages, sizes, genders, and abilities, amongst many other factors.

In the past few years, the distinction between specific “girls toys” and “boys toys” have become blurred. Even gender-specific clothing is being challenged every day by parents who encourage their children to ignore stereotypes. For example. The ‘Let Toys Be Toys’ campaign encourages brands to market toys to appeal to both boys and girls. However, there’s still plenty of other ways that when marketing kid’s brands, businesses can be inclusive.

Unfortunately, it’s something that a lot of children’s brands also get wrong. Whether this is because they assume that their toys or clothing will only appeal to one gender or because their advertising fails to recognize children of varying abilities and ethnicities. These errors are being picked up on quickly and could give businesses a bad reputation.

What does this mean for you? 

The world of inclusivity can be a sensitive topic and one that people don’t want to get wrong. People are often nervous about branching away from what they know, but being inclusive welcomes in a whole new audience of potential consumers. For example, all children play with toys, wear clothes and read story-books. As such, it makes sense to show all kinds of children using your product on your social media channels and in your campaigns. This can be challenging to get right. Hiring a professional team can help you reach out to the right audience, communicate with the public and ensure that your business isn’t excluding anyone who might buy your product.

If your Instagram or website is full of one type of child using your product, you’re excluding thousands of consumers who will feel as though your brand isn’t for them.

Because we are a PR Agency for children we see extravagance and expensive taste left, right and centre.

It is a way of life and why not? If you have worked hard to afford the best, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have it, right?

People love you keep up with the Jones’s, but what if their children are a way of doing this?

Can you imagine spending over £20,000 on a child’s birthday party? Now envisage that child is only one and probably won’t remember the event anyway!

Luxury party and event organisers have seen a rise in the number of people asking for a hand in coordinating party evens for tots; and even a rise in the amount of money being spent per head! They have been asked to perform crazy deeds such as installing a temporary ice rink in houses and inviting the Disney on Ice team to put on a show.

According to Prof Bill Doherty other parents have requested a ‘bringing the outside in’ party in the winter which involves installing an indoor lawn, trees, plants, flowers and of course, a playground. Bashes like these can cost up to £100,000 but where they were once reserved for stars it seems that many parents are keen to compete with others for the most extravagant parties.

It seems to us that kid’s gatherings seem to be getting out of control and according to Ms Astin “What kids are watching and digesting is giving them higher expectations,” but child experts say that often children below five have no expectancies at all and actually feel overwhelmed at the sights laid before them at these extravagant events.

Ostentatious parties such as these are usually rare.

Mr Duggan (a professional planner for the stars) says he organises between five and eight whilst Quintessentially organises a maximum of two a year but even parents who are at the ‘normal’ end of the scale are spending more than ever on birthday parties and a PR company is being approached by the entertainment industry more rapidly than ever, just for kids PR.

While a mother billing a five-year-old £15.95 for failing to attend her child’s birthday party made the headlines earlier this year, the celebration location at a dry ski slope was not commented on. It’s a good example of how children’s parties have moved on rapidly and it appears that the days of jelly and ice-cream in the back garden appear to be over.

Prof Doherty says “It’s about giving parent’s permission to simplify their plans to fit with their family values, there isn’t just one way to do this… If you don’t do a big party you’re not a bad parent.”

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