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Launch events for your brand.

“I worked with the team at VerriBerri on my launch. As someone that had never had experience of integrating marketing and PR into a new venture, they were great in helping me drive publicity for my business. They were totally fine tuned into what we needed to get out there ready for the launch. A great creative team, and will definitely be using them again in the future.”



VerriBerri has been running launch events for our clients for twelve years. From perfume brands to new hotels and books to legal services, we know exactly what your event needs to make an impact.

We couple our launch events management with our multi award winning PR techniques in order to ensure your company gets the best return on investment, every single time.
Virtual Events

In a tech driven world virtual events have become more and more popular. Add social distancing into the mix and you’ll need an agency to help!

Events in Person

Theres nothing like a laugh event. Being able to communicate with your target audience, whilst surrounded by loved ones, the media, and cameras… There’s nothing quite like it.

Your Dedicated Events and Pr Agency

Our team are dynamic, exciting, and experienced. When you launch your new product or services, there’s no other business partner who can provide the results, enthusiasm, ideas, and time we can. When you work with VerriBerri, you can expect a city experience, without the London price tag.


Launch events management is our expertise. If you are planning an exciting launch, look no further. Our team are here to help you from conception to completion.

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