LGBT marketing and it’s importance


LGBT marketing and it’s importance

The Truths Of The LGBT Marketing Agency

Nobody is arguing the strides that have been made in recent times with regards to LGBT issues and rights. The position we find ourselves in now is a far cry from the intolerant, stigmatised shame-cauldron of previous decades. Sexuality, gender and identity are being explored in a way that we could only have dreamed of previously.

But by the same token, we’d be lying if we said that all was perfect within the LGBT world. As demographics go, this is a population that still faces a disproportionately large amount of indiscrimination. Progress has been achieved, parity has not. The team here at VerriBerri, an LGBT marketing agency in Essex; has put together this blog to expound the importance of such an agency, even today – scratch that, especially today.

For A General Brand

‘Inclusivity’ has become something of a zeitgeist phrase over the past few years. The cynical side of me can’t help but see its tokenistic exploitation in many a mega-brand the world over. Huge corporations that fill quotas for the sake of optics, so that they may be perceived as “tolerant” and “progressive.”


All the while they maintain their dated value system perpetuating inequality and nothing really changes. On the other hand, there are clearly those brands that want to genuinely be better. These, often smaller brands, are usually incredibly well-intentioned, but left to their own devices they may make some clumsy, tactless LGBT marketing choices. The spittle-filled battle chambers of Twitter and other such social media platforms don’t much care if you’re well-intentioned or not with this sort of thing, and will crucify you before you get a chance to respond. That’s why doing it right matters.

Long-lasting change doesn’t come about overnight. The best way to restructure your brand’s values is to hire an LGBT marketing agency. They’ll be able to come in and assess why it is you’re wanting to engage more with the LGBT community. If your intentions are good, this will be clear and they’ll help you market in a way that’s inclusive; without being patronising, targeted but not alienating.

They’ll also provide you with tools and resources so that you can always check as to why you’re making the LGBT decisions you are long after their work as an agency is done.

For An LGBT Brand Or Personality

On the other end of the spectrum lie those brands and personalities who themselves fall within the LGBT bracket. Charities, queer influencers and businesses offering queer-based products and services often feel that the marketing on offer never quite captures their spirit, personality or core ethos. The communities, like many other marginalised demographics have untold truths, empowering stories tinged with painful emotion. Whilst I can only speak for myself as a queer content creator at this LGBT marketing agency; non-LGBT individuals struggle to understand that kind of experience. They can’t by definition empathise, much though they may sympathise.

We need more LGBT individuals and brands to feel like they can market and promote themselves for the sake of future generations as much as anything else. If I’d have felt surrounded by a more mainstream promotion of LGBT issues growing up; then I may not have encountered my old foe repression. That is why it’s so important that these groups feel like there’s an agency that truly understands their voice.

Is The Need Really There?

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but if you’re asking that question then you may well be part of the problem. There’s still a stubborn failure demonstrated by vast swathes of the public to acknowledge the difficulties of many queer communities, and even their presence! You also have to remember that reading this, you may bay be coming from a more tolerant, liberal society.

social media for LGBT brands

There are cultures still out there where simply existing as a member of the LGBT community brings with it immense emotional turmoil and hardship. An LGBT marketing agency shouldn’t be needed and hopefully in the future it won’t be needed. But for now, this is still something that is needed, much though it pains me to write. Whilst that need is there, agencies such as ours want to provide that stop-gap, to offer the quality of service and empathetic marketing that few others are able to.

The Marketing Itself

With some of the heavier stuff out of the way, what can an LGBT marketing agency offer in practical terms? Marketing can be split into several key areas; all of which work best when used in conjunction with one another as part of a broader, holistic approach. This includes social media marketing, SEO work, content creation (blog and article writing as well as advertising campaigns), graphic design work and PR (yes, it’s a form of marketing in its own right!).

Many people view marketing agencies as opportunistic, self-centred even. This couldn’t be further from the truth, for our agency nothing matters more than the agency-client relationship and how that informs every decision that’s made. This is important as people are wising up to the ‘quota’ type marketing, and so unless your LGBT-targeted marketing isn’t genuine, it’ll be very transparent to the street-smart public of today’s world.

Contact our LGBT marketing agency.

Slapping a great, big rainbow graphic onto your brand’s social media platforms doesn’t mean you’re instantly LGBT friendly. It’s great you want to be better and more inclusive, but there are certainly better ways of going about it than others. This should always start with an introspective probing of your reasoning, followed by consultation with those within the community themselves. Only then should you begin to act with the marketing itself. So, if you’d like to find out more about out LGBT marketing agency, then get in touch!

Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. Your brand matters to us, more than that, however, the person behind the brand, matters to us. Let’s have a natter and see how we can help your brand soar!