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LGBT+ Marketing And PR Agency

Why You Need An LGBT+ Marketing And PR Agency

The LGBT+ community is finally seeing steps towards greater inclusivity and acknowledgement that has been needed for generations.

Stigmas are being broken down at an unprecedented rate and society is making a more concerted effort, for the most part, to educate itself on the topics of gender and sexuality. That being said, there’s still a long way to go. The vitriolic spew of intolerance that large swathes of the LGBT+ community are still subjected to online is shocking. With all progress comes a backlash from the narrow-minded and insecure.

One of the greatest ways to silence this is to push even further; having the LGBT+ community seen more within the mainstream media. The more publicity in general the less airtime will be given to bigoted minds. This is where an LGBT+ marketing and PR agency comes in.

The team here at VerriBerri marketing and PR have a particular and personal focus on LGBT+ awareness. We are keen to show just how effective marketing can be in the community.

Progressive Campaigns

Part of further improving the visibility of the LGBT+ community, is for corporate giants to use them in their campaigns. The pulling power and influence these brands possess mean that people don’t have a choice but to stop and take stock.

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Take Starbucks; most of us have ordered a drink to go and have had our name misspelt. In fact it’s become a social media trend to post your hurriedly scrawled name over their cup. In recent weeks, though, they got their marketing very, very right.

Whether they created it in-house or outsourced to an LGBT+ Marketing And PR Agency remains to be seen. One thing is clear, though, and that it’s gone down a treat online. The campaign itself revolved around a transgender man going through life, being misgendered in various daily situations. Later, he goes to Starbucks and orders a coffee; the barista asks for a name, to which the man replies ‘James.’

The gender euphoria he experiences because of this act, which for many is trivial, is readily apparent. Now, there are those who will see this is as cynical, cold advertising. However, it’s very smart marketing. It taps into a well-known feature of the Starbucks experience; whilst touching on genuinely affecting issues, that are particularly resonant with those within the LGBT+ community.

Not only that, but Starbucks launched this ad campaign in collaboration with a transgender kids’ charity called Mermaids. It’s emotive, memorable, and delivers monetary contribution to a charitable cause. In other words, it ticks all the boxes.

Education, Education & More Education

We think it’s incredibly important to clarify something here. A lack of understanding and education is not the same as being intolerant.

For the older generations, especially, the progress made within the LGBT+ community can be hard to keep up with. Firstly, there are more resources available than ever to educate yourself on what the appropriate terms and pronouns are; what the recognised genders and sexualities are and what they mean. As an adult, you and only you, are responsible for educating yourself. If you have children it is of course down to you to ensure they are raised with equality of all kinds being completely and utterly the norm. Realistically, it should be deeply ingrained into us. So much so that in an ideal world, we won’t have to push this type of marketing anymore.

Eductation takes time, and it’s important that you take this time to properly educate yourself. Don’t rush in to show support, and put your foot in it in the process. In the meantime, if you want to show your brand’s support of the LGBT+ community whilst you’re properly educating yourself; then hire an LGBT+ marketing and PR agency already well-educated in such issues.

Not knowing about the issues at hand is completely forgivable, failure to subsequently do anything about it and educate yourself, is less so.

Implementing LGBT+ Themes

One of the best things about the LGBT+ community, from a marketing point of view, is their flag. The pride branding is so colourful and its themes can be implanted into marketing campaigns incredibly easily and effectively.

Creating pride graphics or implementing the pride theme into your existing marketing is a simple way of showing your support. Be wary, however, of simply putting out a token gesture with no substance. If you want to truly support the cause; curating a bespoke marketing campaign centred around the LGBT+ community is a more substantial, impactful way of going about it.

An LGBT+ marketing and PR agency can create something entirely bespoke to your brand, demonstrating its pertinent features or services. At the same time we can create something innovative that revolves around LGBT+ issues at hand.

Strength In Numbers

One of the strengths of social media is its ability to quickly galvanise support for an issue through its use of hashtags, for example.

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An LGBT+ marketing and PR agency know what the relevant LGBT+ hashtags at that time are, and how to implement them into your posts in a non-clichéd and tasteful way. Driving social progress forwards is about overcoming resistance and inertia, this is most easily done when you have a large mass of people supporting your cause.

An agency can drum up that kind of support whilst promoting your brand and improving its exposure and recognition at the same time. Social media can be toxic, it’s a place where keyboard warriors and trolls roam unpoliced. It can also be used as a great force for good, however, and your brand should be part of that going forward.

In what is an increasingly insular and hostile world, it’s become doubly important that we shout louder for the causes that need it the most. Genuinely worthy causes.

So, if you’d like to find out more about our LGBT+ marketing and PR agency, then get in touch! Our team have the enthusiasm and passion necessary to help your brand succeed and promote positivity at the same time. If you’d like to find out more, then get in touch today! Call us on 01376 386 850.