LGBT PR agency


LGBT PR agency

Why do you need an LGBT PR agency?

The LGBT community has seen huge advancements in equality, but there is still some way to go. Stereotypes are frowned upon, and more of an effort is being made by the general public to ensure equality and acceptance alongside learning.

That being said; there is still a very long way to go in educating many on the topic of sexuality, which is why an LGBT PR agency should be at the forefront of a business. With any kind of advancements, education and knowledge is at the forefront of a campaign.

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You might be sitting there thinking ‘I work for an inclusive and diverse business and can’t do anymore’; but the reality is, everyone can do more to help create equality in their business. You might be a very accepting individual, but that isn’t to say your clients or customers are. Not just demonstrating that you are LGBT friendly but educating others, is a different thing. 

So how can an LGBT PR agency help you with this? Simply, with publicity! 

The team here at VerriBerri are extremely passionate about implementing LGBT awareness within other businesses which is why we want to give you some top tips in how to make your business more responsive.


We love it and we hate it! It’s such a powerful platform for your business in many ways, but particularly in demonstrating you’re LGBT inclusive. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; they can all be used to show what you believe in and raise awareness about a particular topic or issue within the community. You can help to change the way people act, speak, and think.

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Instagram is the perfect platform to help connect your business with a wider community. Posting regularly and demonstrating the morals and ethics of your business will show how your company is inclusive and compassionate. The sad reality is that some businesses won’t do this. Posting on platforms helps to change the opinions of more traditional individuals. On a much smaller scale, I’m sure at one stage those more conservative people said they wouldn’t have Facebook. And now, they do. So, what’s to say we can’t take advantage of this and try to change their opinion and viewpoints on the LGBT (and other) communities? 

Educating (in particular) the older generation and raising awareness on the progression of the LGBT society can help your business to reach a wider platform of individuals. Nothing of importance is done overnight, educating people who are set in their ways takes time! That’s why having an LGBT PR agency isn’t ever a bad idea. If you want to show your brand’s support of the community, investing some time and money in hiring an agency can go a very long way. 


Showcase what your company is doing. This could literally be from hosting an inclusive event to re-designing and hiring a graphic designer to change your company’s logo for Pride Month. We can assure you that this will go down an absolute treat on social media, where those more traditional individuals will see your company supporting LGBT rights! One tip though: take your time doing it! It’s very obvious when something has been rushed for the sake of it and ensure you’re not ‘just doing it’. You have to believe in something for it to properly work.

This year, a great campaign was Skittles. They ditched their rainbow coloured sweets during Pride Month and used the tagline ‘During Pride only one rainbow matters, so we’ve given up ours to show support’. This went down amazingly across all social media platforms. 


Before hosting a campaign, create a checklist which outlines what you need to do in showing your support. Be inclusive and diverse, ensure you carry out good market research and be confident! If you want to welcome the LGBT community as customers, include them in your PR. The more you show support, the more you’ll be able to demonstrate to them that they belong with you. 

The PR itself

Now you have a couple of ideas to help showcase how your business is LGBT friendly and supportive, what can an LGBT PR agency actually do for you? PR agencies will understand what it is you want to get out of hiring them, in this case, demonstrate how supportive your business is and promote education. In particular, we can help you challenge a negative perspective some may have of your business and tell potential customers about a new campaign you might be hosting. 

PR agencies can target social media and bloggers (if it suits your campaign) to act as ambassadors for your brand. We know how to create effective and engaging content which is why we offer both social media and search services. From running your Instagram account to writing blog posts, we know exactly what will give you the exposure that you’re looking for. 

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Claiming you’re LGBT friendly is one thing, actually proving it is another. There are steps you need to take before instantly claiming that you’re supportive of this community and running your own campaigns. As we’ve said, it isn’t just an overnight thing. You need to make a plan and take things one step at a time, because the LGBT world is a complex one. 

So, if you’d like to find out more about our LGBT PR agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We want to help you showcase your support for the community and assist you in educating your audience.