Local Essex PR Agency: The Importance of Local Press

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Local Essex PR Agency: The Importance of Local Press

In short, VerriBerri is a local Essex PR agency. But, really, we’re much more than that. 

At VerriBerri, we are a growing, well-known and trusted PR firm. Our close-knit team is made up of multi-skilled, inspiring and passionate individuals who always give everything their all. We love giving our clients that much needed boost through gaining them invaluable and lucrative exposure opportunities. It’s what we do best. 

Our hard work has resulted in the team winning multiple awards which we are proud to boast about. These include titles such as ‘Best Marketing & PR Agency’ in both 2020 and 2021. What’s more, in just 12 years, we have become the largest marketing agency in Essex and the only firm in the UK to offer a PR guarantee. Whatever it is you need help with, our team have got your back!

What Is PR? 

Before going much further, let’s start with a simple definition so that we’re all on the same page. Public relations or PR is a way for businesses to build better connections with their audience. The aim is to nurture and evolve relationships whilst gaining better visibility. Most commonly, PR uses sources with an already established audience to give your brand a push. 

Types of PR 

Digital technology has had a huge impact on the PR landscape, giving businesses more options than ever before. As we mentioned just now, public relations are all about using the platforms that already surround us. A few of these include: 

  1. Newspapers and magazines (articles and press releases) 
  2. Influencers (Influencer Marketing) 
  3. TV 
  4. Radio 
  5. Podcasts 

In actual fact, the list of possibilities is actually much longer than this. However, these are definitely the main avenues that we use for our clients. 

Is Local PR Still Necessary? 

When it comes to building an effective and successful communications strategy, knowing and understanding the terrain is important. As a local Essex PR agency, it’s our job to keep track of new and upcoming trends. 

Last year, the pandemic hit us all like a tonne of bricks. More critically, it left many local businesses struggling to make ends meet. This was the start of a huge shift in the way we purchase items and our overall consumer behaviour. Like never before, individuals are desperate to support more local businesses regardless of ecommerce and it’s conveniency. 

How to implement a successful PR campaign

When it comes to local businesses, consumers share an affinity making them feel more connected to these brands. Most individuals really are dedicated to keeping these companies alive during such a tricky time. When buying and sourcing products locally, customers not only benefit from a personable service, but they also feel better about their purchasing decisions. This is because they are able to feel as though they are helping their community. In fact, some of us may now feel an element of guilt when buying from big corporate companies. 

In answer to the question, arguably, local PR is more necessary now than it ever has been. Providing you play on your common denominator and come across friendly and emotive, local press can be extremely plentiful. Our local Essex PR agency can help you in building a newsworthy story that is bound to bring your brand more attention. 


Last year taught us that anything can happen, at any moment. Therefore, making sure you have a solid, loyal client base is the best way to protect your businesses longevity. 

Local press allows you to humanise your brand, showing the local population the face behind your business. This allows us as individuals to feel closer to you, making us more inclined to purchase your products. A lot of PR is all about being emotive. Providing you can do this effectively; you are halfway there to a more secure future. 


In addition to being a local Essex PR agency, our team are also experts in reputation management. Feelings of trust are generated within a second of a potential customers first interaction with your business. Moreover, our first impressions are said to form within seven seconds. This means that time is of the essence. 

Reputation is one of the most important things for your brand to protect. If this is damaged, people will be more likely to visit your competitors instead. Public relations allow you to construct a more solid image for yourselves, making your company more memorable. 

Word of Mouth 

Public relations Agency Essex

Although no business can rely solely on word of mouth like we may have used to, this is still an important thing to generate. Appearing in local press means better visibility for your brand. This means more purchasing. Providing you are able to impress your customers, this will lead to them recommending your product/service to others. This can be extremely powerful and isn’t to be overlooked. 


As we trust is blaringly obvious, the above advantages of local PR will all contribute to a higher revenue. Naturally, this is something that every business wants to achieve. When you work collaboratively with our PR firm, we aim to bring our clients the best ROI possible. We promise it’ll be worth it! 

Working Alongside Our Local Essex PR Agency 

Based in the heart of Essex, near Chelmsford, our agency has impeccable knowledge of the surrounding areas. We’re confident that we know exactly what your consumers want to see and what they respond well too. Moreover, we have direct experience in providing PR and marketing to many local companies. 

To give an example of our work, we recently collaborated alongside The Blue Group. Owning a chain of gastro pubs in Essex, they wanted to change the perception of these establishments. As part of their strategy, we were drafted to help with their PR, design and social media. Our goal was to bring in a diverse audience, generate new business and uphold their reputation. 

After just a few weeks working alongside Masterchef semi-finalist, Andi Walker, we were able to find coverage in a range of news outlets. One of these being a publication with an online readership of 715,000 people per month. Alongside this, we also launched two events and handled a complete rebrand. Something we’re very proud of! 

Do You Need Our Help? 

If you think you could be in need of our local Essex PR agency, why not get in touch? Our team love helping Essex businesses find their feet and build a concrete future. For more information on PR or any of our other services, contact us today! It’s as simple as clicking here!