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Small Business Marketing Agency.

VerriBerri are a multi-award-winning small business marketing agency. Despite our work for larger companies, we are a small company ourselves. This means we understand the importance of getting as much as you can for your money. With budgets so important, we are completely adaptable to the resources you have available. It’s for this reason that all of our packages are completely bespoke to suit each individual client.

What Quantifies as a Small Business?

In the UK, a small business is described as being company with under 50 staff. You may be a privately-owned business, partnership or sole trader. Either way, your annual turnover should not exceed £6.5 million. If you meet all of these criteria, you’re a small business. 

How to Cut Costs

It may seem counter-intuitive for me to mention this, however, there are some aspects of marketing that you can do yourself. This is a great way for you to cut costs where they’re not necessary. Some areas that companies commonly tackle themselves are social media management and SEO.

However, it is important that you note where things can go wrong with this. Social media is always overlooked as being easy. Whilst it’s not the most difficult area of marketing to carry out, there is still a lot of work that has to go on behind the scenes. Coming up with original, authentic, and interesting content is near impossible sometimes; especially when there is so much other information out there for people to absorb. By bringing onboard a small business marketing agency, we are able to source the ideation you need and effectively carry out social media management for you. In addition to this, SEO can become extremely technical, meaning it is hard to understand. What doesn’t help is there are weekly changes on top of this! We have seen on many occasions companies who have actually made their SEO worse due to not having the specialist knowledge behind how it works.

VerriBerri are a full-service agency however, as we mentioned earlier, we are completely adaptable. Where budgets are tight, we’re more than happy to act as a consultancy for you. This means you’re able to pay us for our knowledge and ideas and then you can implement these yourself. Another easy way to save money if you have the time available. 

Types of Marketing to Consider

There are a number of routes you can take when putting together a marketing strategy. You may not need to implement all of the following however, the more you undertake, the more successful you will be.

Public Relations (PR)

A common misconception many small businesses make is that they’ll be unable to gain any traction in the press due to the size of their company. This is wrong. Even before the pandemic; newspapers and magazines were eager to hear from smaller companies. Now we’re in the economic state we are, they’re even more keen for this type of coverage. What’s more, there are a whole host of other PR routes for you to consider. 

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Influencer marketing is huge right now. With everyone spending more time on their phones than ever before; this form of marketing will also creep up without you even noticing. It works by finding influencers with audiences that your product/service may appeal to. You can then reach out them and ask if they’d like to do a collaboration with you. This could be you gifting them your product, campaigning a competition / giveaway, or you can even use affiliate links which the influencer will earn a commission from. Either way, this form of PR is a great way for you to reach an entire new market who may not have been aware of your existence beforehand. 

Graphic Design

Our small business marketing agency have seen time and time again, companies overlooking the importance of branding and design. It’s hard to believe but many companies still don’t even have a website. If you’re not keeping your site and branding current and fresh; then you’re holding yourself back. It’s predicted that by the end of 2020, the number of people who buy products online will reach 2.05 billion. If you haven’t got a website, imagine how many sales you’re missing out on.

VerriBerri cover a whole range of things when it comes to graphic design. From website and logo design to creating businesses cards. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you are a new or existing brand as we look after both branding and rebranding. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is where people often become overwhelmed. Having said this, it is one of the most valuable assets to your business, especially if you’re small. It’s rare that anyone clicks through to the second page of results when they’re looking for an answer on Google. Given that you’re a small business, it’s unlikely that everyone has heard of who you are. As such, why customers ever discover you if you’re not on the first page of results? 

Social Media Management

There are a range of different social media platforms out there for you to utilise. However, the main four are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As you would expect, each site is slightly different from the next and as such, have different target demographics. In order for your social media management to be successful, you need to be aware of who you’re targeting.

Twitter is probably one of the most diverse platforms out there. Although they’re one of the most relaxed, strangely they’re also great for business. Instagram is a great platform for if your business sells a physical product as it is best known for photo and video sharing. 

Although Facebook is mostly used by men (despite the divide being very small) our small business marketing agency has always found marketing to be more successful on this platform when targeting women. Something you may not have known by simply looking at their user base. 

Finally, we have LinkedIn. LinkedIn was purely invented for B2B marketing. It is perfect for corporate brands who want to connect with other businesses. 

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