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Your logo says so much more about your company than you think! Often, people focus very heavily on building customer reputation and satisfaction, which of course are extremely important, but first impressions also count! A logo is a point of recognition and is the branding of your company. Not only must it be clear and visual, but it also needs to be able to convey that your company is professional and of a good quality. 

Fear not! If you’re concerned about how your logo looks or want a re-design, our specialist logo design agency has compiled a list of what you need to be looking at when branding your own design!

Define Your Brand Identity

You want to define the personality of your company. Through doing this, your logo will be representative of what you’re about. Whilst designing your logo, ask yourself some questions such as why did you start your business? If you could describe your brand in three words, what would they be? What impression do you want your customers to get? Through answering these, you will understand the core personality of your business and it’ll be easier for you to have the brand which is right for you.

Ensure Readability

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As simple as it sounds, often businesses try so hard on making their logo aesthetic that they forgot the basics. Don’t forget, your logo won’t just appear on your website. It will be on business cards, adverts and social media etc. Therefore, you must ensure that the text you’re putting on your logo (if you are) is clear.

Ensure that whilst you’re designing, you take note of the text size and font that you use, and preview what it will look like on all platforms that your business will be on. Then, see what it looks like from other devices, such as your phone and tablet. What’s the point in going through a whole design and branding process if the end result isn’t going to be of good quality?

Use The Right Background

Listen, we can’t stress this enough! Your background can make or break your logo. It’s what by the end result makes your design look basic or professional. As a logo design agency, we have seen many instances where a logo sticks out like a sore thumb on a company’s website simply because they haven’t given their logo any background contrast. It’s such a small thing to do, but is so effective! It’s a great way to get your logo seen and stand out. If the colour of your text is white, then you must obviously go for a darker background (as I suspect you know). If however your logo is plain writing, ask yourself whether it looks best without any background at all.

Brainstorm Ideas

This is a great way to get ideas from others! It will help to diversify ideas and build upon concepts you already have. You can ask not just your colleagues, but also friends and family. The more ideas, the better! Think of your brand identity, and list on your brainstorm the perfect way to make it visually representative of the message you want to get across. Regardless of whether halfway through the design process you thought you had your logo down to a T. Going back to the drawing board and brainstorming really will help your business to build the right look. Don’t forget, even the worst of ideas can spark the right one!

Choose the Right Style

rebrandIf you know exactly how you want your logo to look, then great! But if you’re unsure, it’s worth thinking about the impression you want to give off. Do you want a more classic look? Or a modern and minimalistic design? For example, if your company is a kids play studio, you might want to consider having a fun and quirky design as it fits the image of your business. What you must remember is that no one style is the right style for everyone, so don’t be too influenced by competitors! As far as our logo design agency are concerned, your logo needs to be entirely yours, emulating your company, your values, and your services.

Type of Logo

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Decide whether you want an image as your company’s central focus on your logo or your name! Take Pepsi for example; they have their name written as their main look with a small and subtle image. This means that Pepsi’s logotype becomes instantly visible to their customers, and what identifies them. It also means that this is their brand’s advertisement too, which in itself means they don’t need to spend much money on generating publicity. The logo will ultimately identify their company to the public. 

What To Avoid

Don’t make it too complicated, please! There is nothing worse than a logo which has too much going on. In this case, less is more! Simplicity is key for a memorable logo which is why it’s such a hard thing to crack. If it was easy, every business would have the perfect logo, and let’s be real, some really don’t!

As above, ensure your logo is unique. Sometimes, firms copy trends to make them seem modern and appealing. But if you choose to do this, then make sure it isn’t going to look out-dated in another two years. Pick a trend that has stuck with time and not a six-month style which will soon be old news. 

Don’t settle for less. Yes, we’re biased here, but ensure if you’re hiring a company to design a logo for you, research them! Picking the cheapest company out there will sure, save you some money, but won’t do your business any good. They might produce a poor-quality logo, or worst of all, not understand your company at all. Often, you get what you pay for, so check reviews, check previous work and check their logo!

Our logo design agency believe good logos is an absolute must for any business, small or large. Regardless of the industry that you’re in, a clear and effective design can speak volumes for your business, believe us! If you would like any more information about our own logo design agency, then get in touch! We’d love to discuss this with you further and see if we can help!