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Our logo design agency knows better than most that you can speak volumes through the imagery you associate with your brand. That’s why we’re passionate about helping companies portray themselves in the best light possible. Having worked with companies across both the UK and US, we have been involved in a whole range of projects. From this, we have gained a wealth of knowledge in what different audiences want to see. This means we’re well versed in taking on your logo design project, no matter your industry. 

First Impressions Count

There are plenty of different things you need to consider when you’re designing your logo. That being said, the fundamental idea you need to remember is what impression you want to give off. It’s pointless spending time creating something that isn’t going to improve your image or sell your products. If you can hit the spot with your imagery, you’re going to intrigue people. Intrigue is a vitally important tool when it comes to any form of marketing. If you can get catch interest, potential customers are bound to want to know more about you.

For example, if you were a company selling organic products, you’re going to want to portray that through your logo. You might do this by using a colour palate that is natural and earthy (eg. Greens and beiges.) That way, when people see your logo, they’re instantly going to make an internal and involuntary assumption that you’re a natural brand. If done well, your logo can practically sell your services for you.

Grab The Attention Of Your Audience

It’s thought that people make their mind up about other people or brands within the first 7 seconds of engaging with them. This means that if your logo isn’t up to scratch, you’re going to limit your opportunities. Once made up, it can be extremely difficult to change the minds of your consumers. 

Logos are often the first thing people see when searching for any business.Essex Graphic Design Services This means that it is integral that your logos are eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and unique. By installing these three elements into your design, you’re onto a winner. Our logo design agency has over a decade’s worth of experience in this field. During this time, we have created some amazing designs and as a result of our hard work, we’ve been successful in winning lots of awards based upon this.

Brand Identity

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Visuals says a thousand words when it comes to telling a story. The power of graphic design is something that is often overlooked; however, what it can bring to your brand is invaluable. Logos can be used to reflect your companies’ beliefs. When our logo design agency first speaks to a client, one of the first things we ask is how they would describe themselves in just 3 words. We do this because it gives us a solid idea of how you see your company ethos. We can then start working on portraying this through our work.


The main objective of any type of marketing is to improve your brand recognition. Your logo is a great way for people to remember who you are. Think about sportswear leader Nike. Almost everyone in the country can envisage their logo. If their company can evoke this sort of hold in people’s minds, there is no reason why you can’t.

In addition to this, memorability will help you to stand out. This can be particularly vital if you’re a small business or operating in a saturated market. By establishing yourself well, you’re opening up the potential for people to choose your company over your competitors. Logos are a great way for you to been seen.


Despite the internet bringing so much variety, people do still stay loyal to what they know.  Repeat purchase makes up a huge percentage of e-commerce sales (up to 75%.) Having a strong logo and branding will promote loyalty and exclusivity. 

When you think about it, the amount of money that people will pay to have a logo on a t-shirt is huge. Look at Gucci, there is an entire community who rush to buy their new launches. This is not only because they love their work but because they want to feel a part of the brand. People pay for names. As we touched on earlier, if you can make some noise within your industry through your logo, your product will sell itself.

Other Things To Consider

Of course, logo design is much more complex than slapping together a few designs. Through our years in this industry, our logo design agency has seen just how diverse the differences in style can be between different countries and cultures. It’s for this reason that you need to be considering how your logo translates to other consumer markets. This can be difficult without the background knowledge that we have. 

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In our experience, the US market have quite dated logos; usual given how advanced they are in so many ways. Despite this difference, there is no reason why a UK brand can’t still sell to this market. You just need to be focussing on how you can make your logo resonate with that market.

In addition to this, you also need to have a heavy focal point on the versatility of your logo. If you’re thinking of using text within your design, you need to be aware of how this will copy over to other forms of media. For instance, you may want your logo to appear on business cards, merchandise, or social media in the future. Something to bear in mind when considering your marketing strategy!  

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If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you’re interested in bringing on-board a logo design agency. Whether you’re looking for us to design your emblem or simply give some creative direction, we would be more than happy to get involved. We’re creative people and love getting stuck into graphic design projects. 

For more information on how we can help boost your brand, please get in touch by clicking here or giving the office a call on 01376 386 850.