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Luxury Hotel Marketing Agency

If your company has taken a hit during the pandemic, why not kick start your 2021 by working alongside a luxury hotel marketing agency? Having worked in marketing for almost 12 years now, there isn’t much we don’t know about getting your business the results you deserve. We care about our clients and we deliver a strategy that will give the best ROI possible. In order to do this, we take our time to get to know each of the brands we work with. This way, we can gain a solid understanding of your customer base as well as your company values.

Why Now?

Although now may not seem like the most obvious time to work on your marketing strategy, arguably, it’s probably one of the best. As a luxury hotel marketing agency, we’ve seen a vast increase in demand for our clients during this time. This is off the back of the awareness we have spread through the marketing techniques we have employed.

The hotel sector as a whole is one that is extremely saturated. However, this depends on where you are in the country. Unless people know of your existence, you’re unlikely to enter into their heads when they’re looking for places to stay. Marketing is all about improving your visibility and getting people talking about your brand. Unless you’re working on this area of the business constantly, you’re going to find yourself playing with fire. This is a very risky move and one that could end up with you being overlooked by many. 

The pandemic has been devastating for the hospitality industry and you’re bound to have seen much lower profits this year. Whilst marketing may seem like an extra cost, we encourage our clients to see it for what it is; an investment in your future. If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be spending more time travelling next year. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re all desperate for a quick getaway. With this in mind, late 2021 into 2022 is likely to see a huge increase in interest for luxury hotel bookings. If you’re wanting to make the most of this then you need the help of our luxury hotel marketing agency. 



For those of you who don’t know, SEO is the process in which a company makes efforts to improve the way they rank. Given how fast paced life has become, we can sometimes be impatient when looking for answers. Google understands this and as such, have developed their algorithm so that they can better determine the more useful information from the rest. This is all in order to improve the ease of our job as consumers. 

SEO is something people rarely attempt themselves. There are agencies like ourselves offering this service for a reason. SEO can be a tricky thing to wrap your head around and as such, requires a blend of knowledge from different parts of a team. It’s for this reason that we advise leaving your website optimisation to the professionals.

Despite it being a difficult path to navigate, SEO is one aspect of marketing that cannot be ignored. Given the nature of your business, it’s likely that you heavily rely on your website in order to get bookings. With this in mind, you need to constantly be working on your SEO if you want people to actually stumble across your site. If you’re not ranking within the top 3 options for phrases concerning your brand, you’re going to be holding yourself back. What’s even worse, you may not even be ranking at all. In which case, how are people ever supposed to know you exist?

Social Media Management

As time goes by, the amount of time we’re spending on social media sites is ever increasing. Whether we’re socialising with friends, trying to relax or commuting to work, our phones come everywhere with us. This makes it far too tempting to open a social media app and start scrolling. 

As humans, we like to know what we’re buying. People rarely feel comfortable going into things not knowing what they’re getting. It’s for this reason that utilising visual platforms such as Instagram will be really beneficial for you. If done well, sharing photos of your luxurious rooms and various other parts of the hotel will only encourage more people to visit. What’s more, Instagram is very powerful when it comes to generating word of mouth. If you’re able to stun the platforms users, they’re bound to start sharing your content with their friends. The more this happens, the higher the rise in bookings you’ll see.

Given that you’re trying to tap into a more high-end market, you could benefit from the use of LinkedIn as well. Although this may seem like an unlikely candidate, we’ve actually seen lots of our clients do well here. LinkedIn is typically a platform used for businessmen and women to network. This makes it the perfect platform to find people looking to book a premium hotel for a business trip. Alternatively, you can even catch those of us who can afford luxury accommodation and are desperate for a break. 

Social media is one component of your marketing strategy that you may choose to do yourself. Despite it being time-consuming, it’s definitely one of the easier areas to tackle. Where you could potentially run into issues, however, is when it comes to engagement. It’s one thing putting out a post but it’s another making sure people actually see it. If you’re struggling to get people interacting, we would be happy to supply you with some pointers.

Graphic Design

Essex Graphic Design agency

In order to sell a superior and quality service, you first need to win over the opinions of potential customers. Often, aspects of graphic design are the first things people see of you. This means it plays a vital part in terms of converting sales. Creative design encompasses many things from graphics on social media right the way through to your branding and website layout. In order to entice people in, you first need to solidify yourself a positive and professional reputation.

As we touched on earlier, your website is an important piece of the puzzle for you. As a luxury hotel marketing agency, it’s our job to ensure websites give off the correct message. Moreover, that they are easy to navigate meaning the end user experience is as fluid as possible. This is something our team have over a decade of experience in.

Your branding is what makes people remember you. Much like more affordable hotel chain, Travelodge, we’re able to picture their logo and key colours instantly. If you invest time into getting your branding right, there’s no reason this can’t be the case for you too.

Having said the above, graphic design is no walk in the park. With so many brands out there, it’s easy to feel defeated in your quest to being authentic. Despite this, originality is something our team definitely doesn’t lack. We have been responsible for both branding and rebranding many of our clients. On each occasion, we have achieved above what was expected of us.

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At VerriBerri, we’re dedicated to getting our clients the best ROI possible. In order to ensure the most efficient approach, all of our packages are completely tailormade to suit each different business. No matter what your budget is or how much help you need, you can rest easy in our capable hands.

If you’d like to know more about our work as a luxury hotel marketing agency, we’d love for you to get in touch. To do so, click here!