Marketing Agency for Accountants: Building Your Client Base

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Marketing Agency for Accountants: Building Your Client Base

At our marketing agency for accountants, we have one mission. To gain our clients the exposure and traction they deserve. Whether you’re in need of help with a social media campaign or want your website to climb the rankings, we have dedicated departments covering all areas. 

Our agency has been fortunate enough to claim titles such as ‘Best Marketing & PR Agency’ in both 2020 and 2021. These are followed by a long list of other accolades that we’re not shy in boasting about. During our 12 years, we have helped an abundance of accountancy businesses in their long-term growth. If you’re after a marketing firm with a proven track record of amazing results, keep reading.

Establishing an Identity for Your Brand

The very first step with marketing is making sure you have a good foundation to work from. By this, we mean your branding. This should speak volumes as to what your core values are as a company. Do you want to come across highly professional or are you more of a friendly, family-run accountancy firm? Maybe, you sit in the middle of those two extremes. Either way, constructing a clear identity is vital. 

If you’re an already established name, you may not need a complete branding package. However, you may want to consider a rebrand or refresh if your image is looking a little tired. The biggest downfall of most accountancy firms is looking too similar to your fellow competitors. You need a logo that makes you stand out from the rest of your market. Moreover, your branding should stay consistent if it’s going to be effective in making your name more recognisable. 

When you work with our marketing agency for accountants, you benefit from our creative direction. We can aid with generating a new logo, key colours and establishing your tone of voice. This will support your other marketing solutions, helping to make them more plentiful.

Building Your Presence Online

It’s 2021 and we now live in a world where businesses without an online presence usually don’t survive. That may sound harsh but it’s certainly the truth. 


The best way to build your presence is through your website and social media profiles. If you don’t already have a site of your own, this is definitely something you should be considering. Further, social media is one of the most measurable ways to market your services. Utilising the likes of LinkedIn will be sure to aid you in increasing your client base. Moreover, Instagram may also be a good fit, depending on your target segment. 

If these are steps you are already taking, the next question you need to ask is whether they are working effectively. Having a website is a great starting point but is your information delivered in a palatable way? The fluidity of your site is vital if you want to convert these visitors to clients. Secondly, are people discovering your site? Ranking at number 40 when people search for your services is no good. Our marketing agency for accountants has extensive experience in building the SEO values of our clients. Implementing search engine optimisation will generate far more organic search traffic.  

If being creative isn’t your strong suit, why not sit back and let us take the burden off your shoulders? With departments specialising in photography, videography and creating branded graphics, we can provide content that is sure to captivate. 

Strengthening Your Character  

All forms of marketing aim to strengthen your character. Regardless of whether you are targeting a B2B or B2C market, this is a really vital thing to invest time into. The best place to start is with your public relations and social media.  

When social media marketing is well executed, you should be posting content that builds your credibility. Whether you’re reporting on a news story or sharing tips, this will aid you by showing that you are knowledgeable. This may seem trivial to mention, however, people really do look for this kind of reassurance when choosing an accountancy firm. With finance being such a private thing, individuals want to know they’re in safe and capable hands. 

Public relations can really add value to your business by sharing a more personable and relatable side to your brand. Providing you are sharing a relevant and newsworthy story that adopts thought-leadership, PR can expose you to a huge audience. The more humanised your brand is, the more this promotes feelings of trust. 

Why Choose Us?

One of the biggest advantages you gain when working with an Essex marketing firm is the affordability. Through the years, prices have started to creep up among most city agencies. Understandably, this can be extremely off-putting, especially if you’re a lockdown start-up.  At VerriBerri, we’re determined to keep marketing achievable and profitable for our clients. That’s why we keep our prices low without compromising on quality.

In addition, when working with us, you benefit from a creative and diverse team. We have worked hard to create a positive working environment where everyone feels welcomed. This has proven to be invaluable for ideation and massively improves quality of work. We put our staff and clients first. Afterall, we wouldn’t have a growing business without you all!

Contact Our Marketing Agency for Accountants

The truth is, implementing an effective marketing strategy isn’t easy, nor is it quick. It can be really difficult and time-consuming ideating fresh ideas. Not to mention that when it comes to most elements of marketing, experience really is key. If you’re serious about investing in your marketing strategy, it really is integral that you employ the aid of elites. 

Does our marketing agency for accountant’s sound like the perfect fit for you? Why not get in touch? All of our packages are completely unique and we tailor-make these to fit your every need. For your free proposal, contact us today! You can reach us by clicking here or calling the office on 01376 386 850.