Marketing Agency for Interior Designers


Marketing Agency for Interior Designers

All industries need a digital marketing strategy. As a marketing agency for interior designers, this is our speciality. Post pandemic, a lot of marketing techniques have been turned on its head. Things that used to work well for certain industries now get no traction, and new techniques are emerging that boost engagement for others. The most important thing about digital marketing is that you need to build connections.  Here are six quick ideas to upgrade your digital marketing.  

Refocus Your Focus

What’s your niche? Work on how you describe yourself. If you can summarise in one word, it needs to be more specific. We’d recommend 3-4 words to do this. Instead of Sustainable Interiors, why not try Re-worked and Recycled Interiors, or Reclaimed Coastal Design? Once you’ve reached the perfect balance, ensure you double down on that and go all in. By ensuring you’re working on your own niche, you can become a figure of authority in your industry, both for your clients and your competitors. Depending on your chosen area, you also have the opportunity to write related content. For example, if your practice is particularly influenced by nature, you  could write about wellness and spiritualism. By attaching this to your brand, you’re able to not only position yourself as an authority figure; but one of approachability and authenticity. 

Add Value with Blogs

Content marketing is one of our favourite strategies to boost your business. A reason why you think of a blogger rather than a business is due to the steady stream of high-quality content being regularly added. With blogs, you can not only add value to your potential customers site visit, but your blog will steadily climb the Google rankings. That’s a whole different blog post, so feel free to check it out here. Additionally, you can use these blogs to add a whole extra level of authenticity to your readers. As well as writing posts for SEO purposes, intersperse some personal pieces such as:

  •  Why did you become an Interior Designer, what was your journey?
  • What was your favourite project,  and why?
  • Your Top 10 Places to find inspiration.

Inspire with Real Stories

marketing for interiors and home

Have you worked with some really interesting people? Families in need? Maybe even a celebrity? Reach out to them and catch up with how they’re finding living in their beautiful new space. Ask permission to publish a follow up article and chat about your service and how it’s going for them now. Focus on the human aspect of the story. Find out the why. The why is what will sell in the end. By doing this, you can add value to your content and copy on the website with testimonials. Use your first person stories for full length posts, and if you get some good quotes, make them into graphics for your social media!

 Free Stuff Sells

If you have an email list, add a freebie, block out some time to go live on socials or put together a free webinar. Why not make it part of your sales funnel? If you’re offering a free planner on your mailing list, make sure the upgraded version is paid, and is added to the end. A webinar about choosing plants for a space? Make it vague enough for the content to sell your consultancy pages. When working with a marketing agency for interior designers, you’ll often have clients who want their marketing to deliver on warm leads and translate into sales. By offering something your competitors aren’t, such as a webinar or downloadable, you’re already positioning yourself in a place where potential customers are more likely to convert to a sale. 

Level Up Your Website

As a marketing agency for interior designers, one of our biggest pet peeves is having a great concept and a site that isn’t fit for purpose. Take some time to audit your site. Check it for user experience, accessibility and content quality. If you’re able, recruit a friend to use the site as though they were planning on hiring your services. By having a new pair of eyes on your site, they’ll see things you’ve missed or have suggestions that haven’t even crossed your mind. The more you can do this the better, since different people will have different needs and priorities. 

Use Social Media for A Different Angle


Unless you’re already a house-hold name or recognised brand; building a following on social media is hard. If you’re an individual, however, you have a different story. You have a personal story. Take the opportunity to show more of your individuality, potentially with ‘Meet the MD’ posts or with employee takeovers. People who are following you  for your interiors may be fascinated with the behind the scenes. Don’t be afraid to stray from your ‘normal’ content. If you make a Reel on Instagram showing your process in a room, this may drive engagement more than a perfectly curated shot. 

Speaking of which, here at this marketing agency for interior designers, we are a big fan of Reels. With Instagram’s ever changing algorithm, it’s hard to keep up with what the platform will boost and what it won’t. However, with the introduction of reels early last year, Instagram likes to push them to the explore page much more than other content. Plus, like  TikTok, Reels are easy to interact with, and thus boost engagement. Use social media to showcase or collaborate with your partners and favourite brands. Not only will it solidify your relationship with them, but you may also have your support reciprocated with a shout-out from them to their followers. 

If you’re looking to make yourself stand out or give your existing branding a push; don’t hesitate to contact us for expert marketing and PR by calling us on 01376 386850 or sending an email to [email protected] Alternatively, click here to contact us directly.