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Marketing Agency for Restaurants

With the effect of the pandemic on the hospitality industry over the past year and a half, the need for a reliable Marketing Agency for restaurants is more important than ever. As a result of over 10,000 licensed venues closing throughout 2020, you already have enough on your plate to deal with to stay afloat. At VerriBerri, we offer multi-award-winning services, helping you to get your business on top on the back of a damaging year in the hospitality industry. We offer a variety of services to enhance the visibility of your business, providing transparent communication throughout their implementation. Need some specific help or a complete refresh of your marketing strategy? We’re here to help!

Pandemic Impact on Restaurants

As you know, restaurants have taken a huge hit throughout the past 18 months. Customers were forced to dine in and those businesses without takeaway or delivery options were left helpless. Need to get back ahead of your competitors or boost your business’ online presence? As a specialist marketing agency for restaurants, we are experts at implementing effective marketing strategies, helping you to fill your covers.

As time goes on and more businesses move online, the need for a strong online presence is more and more essential. This is vital to keep up with competition. Surprisingly, 15% of customers would be put off if a restaurant didn’t have an online presence. It is estimated that 22% of these people check out their menu and social channels before booking. Therefore, having an effective online presence helps to obtain long-term stability for your business and help refill empty seats. 

We can also help you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. By working with our social media team, we strive to organically boost your engagement and exposure with your customers. This will then help you to get them through the door and keep them coming back. 

Social Media Marketing

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Depending on the style of your restaurant, social media marketing can be an excellent way of growing your following. At VerriBerri, we make it our mission to be completely transparent when discussing what will be the most effective way of marketing your business. Not every technique or platform will work for your business compared to another. By working alongside our social media team, we can help you to create targeted posts and promotions to boost the engagement of your audience.

With the Internet becoming an essential for customers choosing where to eat, not having an online presence can be suicidal for a business. Consumers make the decision of where to eat by looking at menus and photos of food rather than just turning up. Even if your food is the best in the world, if customers aren’t aware of your restaurant, the footfall you actually catch is limited. By working alongside our marketing agency for restaurants, improving the awareness and visibility needed to get more customers through your door is paramount.

PR Marketing

How the public view your restaurant is just as important at the quality of the service you provide. Popular London restaurants have customers travelling hours just to visit them. So why can’t you? At VerriBerri, our PR specialists generate news and social media coverage, building up the credibility and improving the reputation of your business. 

Worrying about whether you should take the risk? Well we are the only Marketing Agency within the UK to offer a PR guarantee. Therefore no matter the circumstances, you are guaranteed security, enabling you to receive the award-winning service that you deserve. Our digital Marketing Agency for restaurants works alongside journalists to better connect you to your customers. Specialising in media relations, press releases, public appearances and more, we offer a tailored experience to generate relevant exposure opportunities for you.

Influencer Marketing

As an experienced PR agency, we have over 12 years of experience offering various influencer campaigns. These include gifting, paid collaborations and ambassadorships. Restaurant influencer marketing could be an effective technique for your business to generate more awareness. This is particularly due to more businesses understanding the importance of endorsement. This also creates the potential for you to penetrate new markets in order to grow your own following. In addition, hosting events at the restaurant involving the influencer could generate interaction and awareness from their followers. What does this do? It brings them straight to your door. 

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Influencer marketing can also give your business an edge over competitors. Restaurants especially tend to be quite saturated in towns and cities so customers tend to choose the restaurant with the better social presence and PR over its alternatives. As restaurants fight to stay afloat after the previous 18 months, influencer marketing can provide an organic approach to increasing the awareness of your business.


Have you ever gone to the 10th page of Google to make a purchase? Didn’t think so. That’s why it is essential to have good quality SEO for your online presence. To improve the visibility of your business, you need to manipulate Google’s algorithm. This will place you higher on the results page. However, this takes years of experience and expert technical skill to master. At VerriBerri however, SEO is one of our specialities. As a specialist digital marketing agency for restaurants, our content team can help you climb the SEO ladder. As a result, it will help to improve the visibility and awareness of your business. Our multi-award winning status highlights our content teams expertise in these areas, maximising the benefits of exposure and awareness for your business.

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Having a strong digital presence is essential in order to stay competitive in the hospitality industry. This is even more so important coming out off the back of a pandemic. With over 12 years of experience and multiple awards, you can have complete confidence in our ability to execute an effective marketing strategy for your restaurant. For more information or to speak with specialist, contact our team on 01376 386850, or by clicking here