Marketing Agency in Braintree: Why You Need a Team Behind You

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Marketing Agency in Braintree: Why You Need a Team Behind You

Our marketing agency in Braintree, VerriBerri, have 12 years’ experience in helping brands grow. We have a proven track record of amazing results and a long list of accolades behind us. We truly believe that our team is the best there is and we love helping brands excel. Working alongside clients who are just as passionate about success as we are is what drives us. No matter whether you are a multi-national conglomerate or lockdown start-up, we’re determined to get you thriving in no time. 

What Is Marketing?

The term ‘marketing’ is one we’re all familiar with however, how many of you actually understand what the process entails? Many people understandably get muddled between marketing and advertising, confusing the two as the same thing. It’s important you are clear on exactly what marketing is and what this means for your company.

Marketing is a way for brands to bridge the gap between themselves and a target segment. This could come in the form of social media, SEO, or graphic design to name a few examples. Marketing is great for a plethora of different reasons with the main being better visibility and brand awareness. Think of marketing as a much more subtle way of pushing your product or service. When it comes to advertising, everyone is aware they are being sold to. However, when someone engages with marketing, they’re often unknowing and therefore respond better. 

“The Biggest Risk a Person Can Take is to Do Nothing”

When it comes to business, investing money into anything is always a risk. But what if you can minimise this by properly preparing yourself? 

Although daunting, not investing money into the development of your brand is going to be detrimental. No matter how big your company may be, you’d be a fool to solely rely on word of mouth. Although you may be at the forefront of your industry now, you can quickly become overshadowed. Bringing on-board a team of elite specialists is sure to guarantee better results for you. Marketing can and will be highly beneficial for the longevity of your brand. 

Why You Need a Marketing Team

As a marketing agency in Braintree, we are well aware that there are some aspects of marketing that people can do themselves. Despite this, we are keen to share why having a team behind you can be so crucial. 

One of the biggest issues people run into when doing their own marketing is time. Many people think posting on social media is as simple as taking a photo. However, what they fail to see is the time that goes into getting the right lighting or how long it can actually take to come up with a caption. Not to mention the intricacies behind getting your hashtags spot on.

All in all, every aspect of marketing and PR is time consuming. By leaving this job to the experts, this allows you to better immerse yourself in other areas of the company. 

As well as being time consuming, SEO is one area nobody should attempt without prior understanding. Search engine optimisation is a technical and gruelling affair. In fact, attempting this on your own could just end up doing more damage than good. To get this process underway, you need the combined knowledge of an experienced team. Although this may seem an inconvenience, SEO is vital if you want new people to discover you.

They say that often it’s ‘not what you know, it is who you know.’ Well, when it comes down to PR, our marketing agency in Braintree have both. Gaining media leads is quite frankly, impossible unless you have contacts in the industry. We have spent years establishing relationships with journalists. Through these relationships, we have been successful in getting our clients featured in some top name publications. For example, The Guardian and Forbes.  You don’t have to be a household name to enjoy this exposure. 

As well as making use of our knowledge of the marketing landscape, you can also benefit from a fresh outlook. When working on something for so long, it can be easy to become bias. As a marketing agency in Braintree, it’s our job to give honest feedback. Not only will you benefit from the opinion of a fresh set of eyes but also from the view of a potential customer. 

Key Characteristics of a Top Marketing Agency

Now we have established why you need a marketing agency, lets briefly discuss the key characteristics you should be looking out for. 

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It goes without saying but customer service should always be a top priority. With the development of technology, the need for good customer support has become prevalent. At VerriBerri, we work hard to get to know our clients on a personal level. At the end of the day, you’re not just our customers, you’re our partners. Therefore, going above and beyond is what we always strive to do. 

Communication is always key. Trusting someone with your brand doesn’t come easily. When you do hand over an element of control, you need to know your business is in good hands. Keeping communication streamlined is a big focal point for us. We produce monthly reports for all of our clients which lay out how our time has been spent. What’s more, they also go into detail regarding the successes we have achieved. Not only this but we are also in constant contact with our customers via phone and group chats.

Finally, any company who cannot produce testimonials is a big red flag. In order to feel comfortable, you need to see evidence of previous work. Any top marketing firm should want to scream about their achievements from the roof tops. To read some of ours, click here!

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Realistically, any company without marketing is like a car without wheels. You’re not going anywhere. 

If you are still with us, we are guessing you are passionate about seeing your business grow. If this is the case, then it’s time to invest in getting yourself a marketing team. Why not reach out to our agency today? To get in touch, just click here.