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VerriBerri’s marketing agency in Essex tips to ultimate success.

Are you using the correct marketing techniques for your company?

Right now, your business may have established that your consumers are not engaging and investing with your company at the moment. This can only be because of one thing, Covid-19. Simply put, customers are being shrewd with their money.

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In these uncertain times people are likely to be spend less due to the questionable future. No marketing professional can tell you what the correct thing is or isn’t to do during a global pandemic. However, we hope we can offer you some sort of insight and advice as to how you can set up solid foundations for the future.

Businesses panicked at the start of lockdown. Incomes were fluctuating and job security of staff was unclear. nCompanies started to cancel their marketing and advertising budgets. However, our marketing agency in Essex feel as though this is the time to break the mould.

Now should be a time to push forward with your marketing, set the benchmark, and putting you above your competitors. The content you create now will be pivotal in giving your marketing the boost it needs. When life is back on the straight and narrow you need to be one step ahead of everyone else in your industry. This doesn’t always mean engaging an agency, a lot of things you can do in-house.

Be knowledgeable

Marketing is all about being clever and putting yourself into your audiences’ shoes. It is important to build a good rapport between yourself and the customers you are trying to connect with.


A good way to do this is to write and discuss current topics and trends. Include information and subjects that your target audience will be viewing in their daily life. This will allow them to feel as though you are talking to them specifically. Empathise with your consumers and share your own experiences that show you understand what they might be going through. 

The content you put out should align with what your audience is searching for. Having good knowledge of your surroundings and the news will give you a leg up in achieving this. For instance, in today’s current affairs, what do people need and want most? They may be searching for motivational articles, guides on how to achieve activities at home such as baking or a home workout. Or maybe people will be searching tips on how to settle back to normal life post Covid-19. All of these topics should be utilised within the content you produce.  

Analyse your content 

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Regardless of the current situation, in marketing you should constantly be changing and improving the content that is published. Don’t stay static. Your company will always be changing and evolving in order to keep the business growing. It is vital that in uncertain times you re-evaluate the content you are producing and cater it towards the world around you; ensuring maximum engagement. 

Visuals are the best option

We all know that in this day and age people have become lazy when it comes to reading. With the rest of the hustle and bustle of daily life, who can blame them? So, when creating your content make life easy for your customers. Give them what they want by using visuals such as videos or images. They are a key asset to your marketing techniques. 

Research has shown 48% of people will make their final purchasing decision based off of watching a video with information on the product or service. Well-crafted videos and images are essential to your marketing toolbox. Whether you create engaging video footage or design a sleek graphic, visuals are an easy way to convey information. Of course, you are also making it quick and easy for the audience to learn what you offer. 

Should I have long or short content?

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Whether you are writing an article, blog or a case study, the writing should always be comprehensive as well as compelling. It’s good to remember that sometimes long pieces of text aren’t always the best option. Not every message needs to be said in a 2000-word article.

Our marketing agency in Essex advise analysing the topic that is going to be written about. Is it something that needs a snappy answer or does it need to be more comprehensive? Don’t overcomplicate things. If you can say something in 10 words don’t unnecessarily use 100. That being said, you need to show you are an industry leader so if you know a lot about a topic don’t be afraid of showing your expertise.

Keep the content flowing

Now, above all, is the time to be creative. Any and all ideas from yourself or your team need to be noted down. Research, discuss, evaluate, and build upon every idea created. You don’t have to use every one when it comes to developing your campaign; but a plethora of inspiration can certainly help!

Picture your office as a content factory, the cogs need to be constantly turning. The more content you have the better!

Explore all types of outreach, whether it be a website, blog post, videos, images, or social media; constantly make sure new ideas are generated. Use all platforms and find which one works best for your business and focus in on it. A constant stream of high-level content will keep your audience engaged and invested with your company. 

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Here at VerriBerri, we want you to thrive in these unclear times. Keep pushing your marketing strategies and creating high quality content to make sure you are a level above other business in your industry.

For more on how we can help you to achieve marketing success coming out of lockdown, click here to get in touch with one of our team members today.